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Warm or Cool Skin? Do you know?

If you don't know your Color Family just identify whether you have a Warm or Cool skin tone.

It's the most important factor to help you choose the right makeup colors, hair shades and even the clothes that you wear. 

You apply makeup to look more attractive so obviously it's better if you choose the most flattering shades. In fact it's even more important than the color of your clothes because your face is where everyone looks first!

We're talking about the undertone of your skin not the color of your complexion. So although it may be easy for many to spot, it won't be quite so easy for every ethnicity.

Even after Color Analysis...

Even if you've had Color Analysis you may not have been a clear indication of your undertone. But make a point of finding out because complementing your undertone will allow you to look healthier and more attractive.

The pictures (above and below) show Amy Adams with an obviously golden Warm skin and the equally lovely Michelle Pfeiffer with an obviously pink toned Cool complexion.

So what's your skin tone Warm or Cool?

If you have a Warm undertone, your skin will lean towards peach, yellow or golden tones and be complemented by Warm colors. 

If you have a Cool undertone, your skin will lean towards pink red or blue tones and be complemented by Cool colors.

It's easy to see the difference between the two beautiful faces above because one is obviously golden and the other obviously pink but it's not always that easy.  

You may read that a Warm undertone will tan better than a Cool but that's not true. There are fair skinned Warms and fair skinned Cools and both will be equally sensitive and burn in the sun. There are also darker skinned Warms and Cools who take a tan.

You are likely to be WARM

  • your skin is golden, beige or olive
  • you may have or have had freckles
  • you have red tones in your hair
  • the veins in your wrist are green
  • rich creams and golds look good
  • you like earthy shades
  • you find bright cool pinks harsh
  • you favor earthy tones
  • gold jewelry flatters your skin

You are likely to be COOL

  • your skin is pink and you flush easily
  • deeper toned skin might be sallow
  • you have a grey rim around your iris
  • the veins in your wrist are blue
  • pure or soft white is good to wear
  • you choose pinks, blues, jewel tones
  • yellow is unflattering to your skin
  • you find muddy shades dull
  • silver and pearls flatter your skin

and these colors will suit you best...

For lighter skin you might choose the lighter shades, for deeper toned skin you may choose the darkest shades. But as long as you follow the color palette and the complementary undertone you really can't go far wrong!

Your natural hair color will give you a clue...

COOL HAIR always has an ash tone - fair to light brown as a child, perhaps even white blonde, deepening to mid ash brown through to deep brunette. There may occasionally be a slight red tone (few people are 100% cool) but with a Cool skin tone it doesn't particularly suit you.

WARM HAIR will always have a red influence - golden blonde, light titian red, auburn or even red toned chestnut. It could even be dark but with is a slight red undertone.

Color choice is often instinctive

You will probably instinctively choose and feel an affinity with colors that belong to the same Color Family as your own

Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/warm-or-cool-skin.html

The golden chrysanthemums and the leaves are Warm colors.  If you chose these flowers then you probably have Warm coloring because instinct and choice usually follows your color family.

The pink roses and the deep green leaves are Cool colors.  If you chose these flowers then you probably have Cool coloring because instinct and choice usually follows your color family. 

Nature always gets it right. The leaves and flower of every plant belong to the same color family so that they are complementary.

Having difficulty with your skin tone?

I hope you've found it possible to identify your skin tone but if not then it's time for Online Color Analysis where I'll determine your individual color palette so you can always look your best.

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