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'Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it'

It's easy to get into a rut with the basics in your wardrobe. Stand back take a different look at how you could style your basic pieces and create lots of varied and different outfits. 

Not only does this enlarge your current wardrobe but it makes better use of the money you've spent.

The GYPO Style Challenge is launched every season. It shows standard basic wardrobe pieces and shows you how to work them into lots of different outfits to be worn on numerous occasions.

With daily prompts, alternative color suggestions and advice for dressing up or dressing down, it becomes your own Personal Stylist.

Learning how to style your basics in different ways allows you to create more outfits and everything can earn it's keep

Wide leg pants

I love wide leg pants at any time of the year but they are a MUST in the Summer! 

Whether you're at home, at work or on vacation, a pair of loose pants do a great cover-up job - and they're bang on trend!

They're extremely flattering and oh so comfortable!

Learning how to style your basics in different ways allows you to create more outfits and everything can earn it's keep

Change your body shape?

Your body shape is based on your bone structure which never changes which is why your Body Type always remains the same whatever your size. 

But YOU CAN CERTAINLY change your shape visually by the way you dress.

Learning how to style your basics in different ways allows you to create more outfits and everything can earn it's keep

All wrapped up for Autumn

Get all wrapped up for Autumn with easy styling and snuggly warmth.

We have heated homes and offices, use shops that are often sweltering, jump in and out of cars and public transport - a lifestyle on the move more..

How to do 'Smart Casual'

The term ‘smart casual’ is one that often causes confusion.

Drinks with the neighbors, meeting up with work colleagues for a drink or looking forward to a special Christmas event with your nearest and dearest; you want to look your best but need to strike the right balance between being overdressed and appearing too casual!

How to do Smart Casual #smartcasual

Casual elegance for the retired woman...

After writing last week about identifying gaps in your wardrobe, the drop in temperature has identified mine!  

What I’m missing and have always found difficult to picture is what I could call ‘at-home elegance for the retired woman’.

A bit of a clunky title but I’m sure you know what I mean..     

How to do Casual Elegance for the retired woman

4 ways to style a Chunky Knit

Whether you're using an old favorite or looking for a sure-fire sales buy this season, a cream or Winter white sweater will earn it's keep as one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. 

How to style the wrap for Autumn

How to fit and Style a Tank all year

You can style a tank as part of many different outfits right through the year. This makes it one of the most valuable and versatile basics in your closet. 

Although this is often a foundation piece if it fits well and looks attractive it's a very useful stand alone garment. 

How to style a tank all year round #tank #styleatank #coveredperfectly

How to style The Wrap

The most versatile coverup for transition from Summer to Autumn and no more panics over the change in weather. Let me show you how easy it is to style the Wrap!

All you need to keep the chill out initially is a light but warm coverup.  And nothing is easier, more comfortable and quite so versatile. 

Wear the Wrap - the versatile cover-up for Autumn / Winter

Covered Perfectly tops for real women!

Fashion designed especially for women over 40 to fit in all the right places!

The staple fabric of MicroModal is luxurious, super-soft and 100% natural. Incredibly comfortable and breathable, it's perfect for the more mature woman. You will love the way you look and feel with this flattering line of women’s clothes.

Covered Perfectly tops especially for the mature woman. Staple fibre of MicroModal is soft, comfortable, breathable and 100% natural. #coveredperfectly

Kettlewell Colours

If you struggle to bring your Color Swatch to life this if for you! 

A range of elegant jersey separates to match every shade in your color swatch. A range of 148 colors styled and photographed for every Season.

Bubbles of colors from Kettlewell Colours and your color swatch #Kettlewell Colours #color swatch

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