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Who needs a White Bra?

Summer time is when I buy new white bras - or is it?

Who needs a white bra anyway?

I may be late to the party but am finally coming round to wondering why I waste money on buying white bras every Summer!

It's lovely to see them so bright but really a bra shouldn't show at all.

When we saw celebrities donating their bras for Breast Cancer, I was amazed to see the whole rainbow of colored bras being donated - even though most of them had probably been bought for the occasion. And who can blame them?

Who needs a white bra? Nude is the NOW! #nudebra #whitebra https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/who-needs-a-white-bra.html

A colored alternative is certainly better than the less than snow white bras hidden at the back of my drawer.

Although hidden is exactly what a bra should be. We wear them for healthy breast support, to create a good shape and to provide a smooth 'underwear' line for our clothes; not for everyone to see. If your bra is visible it detracts from overall good grooming and spoils the style of your outfit. 

Colored or neutral

Colored bras are lovely if they match your outfit, but a neutral is much more useful.  Black is great under dark colors but a white bra is not only difficult to maintain and is always visible. 

So who needs a white bra anyway?  A 'Nude' bra will blend with your skin and disappear under any color.

So unless you really want people to be looking at your 'boobs' keep them hidden and let your elegant outfit do the talking. 

Who needs a White Bra? 4 good reasons not to buy!

1 They don't stay WHITE

However beautiful it may initially look, once your bra has been through the washing machine a couple of times it’s lost it’s ‘glow’.

Hand-washing is not really an option to get anything properly clean and the more it's washed the quicker it wears out. When you’re travelling it’s an absolute nightmare. 

2 It's always visible

A white bra is always visible even under a white top and particularly under a dark top - not very stylish. 

Worn under a dark top it will discolor more quickly.

And… if you’re visiting a nightclub or party with UV lights you can end up looking like a ‘dancing bra’.

Who needs a white bra? Nude is the NOW! #nudebra #whitebra https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/who-needs-a-white-bra.html
From a selection at Marks and Spencer UK

3 There are less in the shops

The sensible bras that many of us grew up with were white or nothing. My grand-mother thought that black bras were pretty racy!

You’ll find many ranges now that don’t even include white as more and more fashion colors are introduced. 

4 Nude is the new neutral

Unless you can have a wide selection of bras that match your outfits, look for a bra that closely resembles your skin color. Neutral tones are the most useful, versatile and elegant. 

For lighter skin NUDE is the NEUTRAL to choose. It's the only color that's invisible under white, all colored tops and sheer fabrics. You also need BLACK which is essential under all your darker outfits.  

For different skin tones you'll find lighter and deeper shades of beige or nude bras.

If your bra shows hide it...

  • If your top is sheer add a camisole.
  • Change the style of bra to suit your top so that it can stay hidden.
  • There is nothing elegant about showing your under-pinnings!
  • The wrong size and shape will ruin the flow of your garment. It's uncomfortable and may do harm.
  • Aim to be re-fitted regularly.
  • So who needs a white bra? Not me!

"Without foundation, there can be no Fashion!" Christian Dior

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