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Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

A true Seasonal Color Analysis Winter is the most stunning of the Seasonal color palettes.

As the dewy, warmth of Autumn color gives way to the keen winds of the year's end, the colors become CLEAR and BOLD - STRONG and ICY!

The Winter palette is made up of 3 color families - COOL DEEP and BRIGHT. 

You will always have a blue undertone to your skin and strong clarity to your coloring, i.e. high contrast. 

Beautiful Megan Fox (pictured right) has almost a porcelain complexion and a very obvious blue undertone to her skin giving a pink toned complexion.

Seasonal Color Analysis WINTER
- a stunning mix of DEEP, COOL and BRIGHT

Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

Because the Winter season is made up of 3 different color families every person does not have the elements of COOL, DEEP and BRIGHT in exactly the same quantities.

Your hair:

is always strongly colored but it could be from mid to dark brown even black. Or of course you could have grey hair and still retain a strong intensity that supports the Winter colors. 

Your skin:

is always Cool but it could be quite fair with a pink tinge, or beige through to olive/dark brown.  

Your eyes:

are always clear and strongly colored. The fact that they are Cool is not always immediately obvious - they could be blue, grey/blue, grey/green, brown hazel even black/brown. You will have well defined eyebrows providing a strong contrast against your skin. 

Create balance with WINTER colors

The beautiful array of colors in your COLOR FAMILY will enhance and intensify your coloring making your skin and eyes clearer and minimizing blemishes. A natural bloom will appear; the right make-up will enhance this even more.

Your most flattering colors are:

  • Cool with a blue undertone, Deep and Clear (Bright)
  • the deepest and coolest. Winter is the only palette that has Black and White as the highest contrast. 
  • the clearest strongest, coolest shades - royal blue, emerald green, rich true red, strong magenta, bold hot turquoise
  • all your colors are just as perfect for vacation wear as for the coldest days of the year
  • team these strong tones with the iciest shades of the winter landscape - pure snow white, icy pink, icy blue, icy turquoise, icy aqua
  • all the glorious colors we see streaked across the wintry skies will enhance your bright eyes
  • There is one strong sharp yellow - although it may not be good or everyone. 
Winter Seasonal Color Analysis
Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

Your most flattering Neutrals:

  • Black, charcoal and cool silver greys - they provide the intensity that's needed to show off your brilliant color palette
  • Taupe, cocoa and a cool linen shade work brilliantly for the warmer weather
  • Pure white or bright ivory will always be your best contrast.
Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

Colors to avoid:

  • Dusky or muted shades, wishy-washy pastels - they will flatten your brightness
  • Avoid anything with a golden (warm) undertone, it will make your skin look yellow and you look ill!
  • Anything creamy, yellow/orange, yellow/greens, ginger browns, rusts, brick red

If you must wear any of these colors then team them with one of your best Winter shades next to your face and create a crisp contrast. A scarf or a collar over a jacket, silver or white pearl earrings will introduce Cooler tones. 

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis #Audrey Hepburn
Winter Seasonal Color Analysis
Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

As one of our leading actresses Catherine Zeta Jones shares her dramatic Winter coloring with two former icons of the silver screen.

Both Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor had similar striking looks and looked their best when wearing high contrast colors.

How to bring your color swatch to life

Holding your brand new color swatch in your hand is exciting - but the next thought is often panic as you wonder what on earth you're going to do with it.

It can be really difficult to visualize how all the beautiful color shades will actually transform themselves into an outfit and find their way into your wardrobe!

Winter Seasonal Color Analysis
The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

For real visual inspiration visit Kettlewell Colours who make a range of jersey separates and dresses in all the colors from your color palette.  

Outfits are photographed and displayed according to Season so you can easily see how the different shades of Seasonal Color Analysis Winter harmonize and work together.

You'll find all your wardrobe basics in flattering shapes and sizes - in fact all the hard work is done for you!

Winter Seasonal Color Analysis

All you need to enjoy your WINTER Color Family

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

The WINTER Color Brief £3.00

The WINTER color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying your own Color Family - colors, makeup, hair etc.  

15 pages of information including DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be kept on your phone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

The Seasonal Color Brief - £6.00
4 Seasonal Briefs + swatches 1/2 the price

Enjoy all 4 Seasonal Color Briefs - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - for the price of 2 plus 4 digital color swatches.

It also shows you a simple way to identify your own 'best' Season and how to wear and enjoy your Color Family.

WINTER color swatch £28.00

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

The WINTER color fan holds 30 precision dyed fabric color swatches which fan out to show the whole range of harmonizing shades (shown in the square).

The fan is practical and easy to use, 12.5cm x 6.5cm, finished in a suede style cover and comes with a wealth of information about co-ordination, cosmetics, accessories etc. Don't think that your choice is now limited, between these colors there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

In the UK? Use this button to purchase p & p £1.95

Outside the UK? Use this to purchase p & p £4.95

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It's easy to wear WINTER

Ok so you’re a Winter – but how do you actually begin to wear Winter colors?

Looking at the Winter swatch for the first time can be a little alarming. But, although you have one of the brightest Seasons, it usually turns out to be the simplest of all to put into practice.

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

Winter colors in Summer

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or baking in the Tropics, the brilliant bolds of the Winter color palette are perfect for the searing heat of high Summer.

In fact all the Seasonal color palettes can be used all year round in any climate!

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

Makeup for Winter coloring

Discover the strongest Cool makeup tones to flatter your blue undertone and deep natural coloring.

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

Winter color combinations

Need some inspiration for putting colors together? I've got it sorted...

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

Check out Clear Winter, Deep Winter and Cool Winter

Sadly, Seasonal Color Analysis is often determined incorrectly.

If you've been analyzed as a Deep Winter, Cool Winter or Clear Winter, then you may not be a true WINTER at all and your color palette is likely to be diluted. 

If you're not feeling comfortable with your color palette check out the details of 12 Seasons Color Analysis to see if you might be missing out on a wider range of colors that you could be enjoying or contact me for Online Color Analysis. 

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

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