Winter colors in Summer - sensational!

Do you wonder how to wear Winter colors in Summer to complement your strong natural coloring? 

Well don't worry, because if this is your color palette it's certainly not just for the icy depths of Winter. These brilliant bolds are perfect for the searing heat of high Summer too!

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or baking in the Tropics, the dramatic tones of the Winter palette are perfect for your warm weather wardrobe.  

A bit of sunshine shows us all off to advantage and these bright contrasts provide lots of mix and and match opportunities for your Summer essentials.

Wear WINTER colors in Summer #wintercolors #wintercolorsinsummer #winterseason

Although we refer to Seasonal color palettes, it doesn't mean that each set of colors is limited to that particular season of the year.

Now you've found the WINTER colors that flatter YOU, you can use your beautiful colors throughout the year and, indeed in any climate. 

Each Seasonal palette is the same, your colors in your palette will make you look good all year long!

Your color palette

If you have been identified (or identified yourself) as the Winter season, take some time to explore the wide range of colors in the Winter color swatch.

Your Color Family includes every color in the spectrum and shows you the perfect shade to complement your natural coloring.  

Color Analysis works when your own coloring is echoed in the colors that you wear.

If your color characteristics are DEEP, COOL and BRIGHT then the Winter color palette will allow you to always look your best

Winter colors in Summer...

If you work your holiday wardrobe around a neutral, it's easy!

Choose navy, black or perhaps grey and white; then have the best COLORFEST!  You can mix and match the brights to your heart's content!

Just love color? Enjoy big blocks of vivid blues and turquoise, pinks and blue reds, or choose a slightly more subtle and sophisticated shade of spruce. 

Wear WINTER colors in Summer #wintercolors #wintercolorsinsummer #winterseason
  • Your colors all have a COOL undertone but they are the brightest and strongest of the Cool colors. 
  • Your colors are STRONG and BOLD - the jewel colors of rubies, sapphires, emeralds.
  • Your colors are also SHARP and ICY - icy pinks, blues and aquas, giving you the highs and lows of the Cool color palette.
  • Your colors are DEEP. That doesn't mean that they're all dark just that the colors have a heavy saturation of pigment and give an intense color shot!

Color combos...

You can create some brilliant combos with your intense Winter colors in Summer.

It always sounds strange and without understanding all the physics involved, after loose-fitting white a darker color will actually keep you cooler in the heat!

Wear WINTER colors in Summer #wintercolors #wintercolorsinsummer #winterseason

Go totally tropical in clashing LIME and LOBELIA - bright shades that really zing. The Lobelia may seem a little citrusy but the bright navy and white neutrals make it modern rather than scarey!

Add two jewel shades to the neutral (white) to see the colors pop far more than they would alone - ELECTRIC BLUE and PINK PEACOCK!

(All garments and colors from Kettlewell Colors)

Wear WINTER colors in Summer #wintercolors #wintercolorsinsummer #winterseason
Wear WINTER colors in Summer #wintercolors #wintercolorsinsummer #winterseason

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