Good Grooming

Good Grooming is taking care of yourself and your body - and it's something everyone can and should do.

It's how you stay looking good and feeling good.

All you need to do is establish a good daily routine so that you remain fit, healthy, clean and tidy.

In other words, it's working with what you have and making the best of yourself.

Caring about the details shows personal respect and respect to those about you.

Good grooming is something everyone can achieve - take care of and make the best of yourself

Good grooming doesn't mean...

you have to spend hours in front of the mirror, wear the latest fashion or spend a fortune at the hairdresser.

No matter how expensive the outfit, down-at-heel shoes and a lack of personal care will always let it down. An inexpensive outfit, however, clean and freshly presented can look a million dollars!

Good personal presentation is something that we can all achieve, and knowing you look your best will give your self confidence a big boost. 

 Stress-free Mornings!

It's what we all crave!

But when you start the day on the wrong foot it makes you late, flustered and frustrated for the rest of the morning and it’s difficult to get back on track. 

Easy ways to stress-free mornings! #stressfreemornings

Pamper your hands

Begin to pamper your hands a little right now so you'll be ready for the cold months ahead and look your best when the party season comes along.

10 steps to look polished

What's your interpretation of looking polished?

This 10 point checklist lists what most people think is important and results in great personal presentation. 

Save time in the morning

- be well groomed in record time!

Good grooming and attendance to detail does take time but there are lots of ways you can save time when you're preparing for the day.

Being late in the morning sets you off on the wrong foot and doesn't allow you to function to......

Good grooming is something everyone can achieve - take care of and make the best of yourself

Clever ways to Whiten Teeth

On top of regular care work which is essential, I have donated huge amounts of money to my dentist for moulds of my teeth so that I can fill them with gel and go through the whitening process.

I have spent even larger amounts on buying the relevant gel - initially from the dentist and then from an online source. Dangerous practice? perhaps so.

There has to be a better way....

Stay well groomed #look polished #good grooming

5 essentials to drink more water

It's cheap, it's available and with all these benefits: your overall bodily function; for your mental health; to stay fit longer; to look good; to help weight loss!

If not, then WHY NOT?

Stay well groomed #look polished #good grooming

Skin care is an important part...

of good grooming. The condition of your facial skin will determine whether your makeup stays on and how good you remain looking all day long. We're not all lucky enough to have a flawless complexion but if you keep your skin scrupulously clean ...

Stay well groomed #look polished #good grooming

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