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Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can be a major boost to your self-confidence - and I'm a great believer in acting on anything that affects your peace of mind if at all possible. 

If you're concerned about showing your teeth then you may be slow to smile and reluctant to interact with others, which can severely affect your relationships. 

Many years ago my toddler son dived onto me and practically knocked out one of my front teeth. Treatment at the time served me well for many years until extraction was necessary. After a crude first attempt at a bridge when I couldn't bring myself to look at holiday photos, I eventually chose an implant - so I know what I'm talking about in this article. 

Treatment can be expensive but to me it was worth every penny! 

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Smile Makeovers to boost your confidence

A person’s smile is one of the first things we notice, the straightness and color are both noticeable features in a person’s smile.

As long as your dental health eliminates tooth decay or gum disease, perfectly straight pearly whites are not essential. But if you're not happy with your teeth it can affect your confidence. If you're looking for ways to be more confident, investing in your smile could help to make a difference.

There are various makeover treatments available to improve your smile.

Brighten your smile

The iconic Hollywood smile is not just straight teeth, it's the pearly white teeth that people desire.

Many people feel most conscious about the color of their teeth. Slightly stained or discolored teeth can really impact on self confidence making it stressful to meet people whether they are old or new acquaintances. As such, many consider having their teeth whitened to combat this issue.

The market has plenty of at-home teeth whitening kits to meet the demand for a pearly white smile. These kits can help to make a little difference to the coloring of a person’s teeth but visiting the dentist for a professional cleaning and whitening will have more noticeable results.

Ready for a Smile Makeover #smilemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/smile-makeover.html

Invest in straighter teeth

It's not just pearly white teeth that people want but straight teeth too.

Straight teeth can be more aesthetically pleasing and can positively impact a person’s oral health. Crooked teeth could actually become a health issue if food gets stuck between the gaps. 

A popular route to get straighter teeth is to have braces which are very effective. A close friend of mine has had amazing success with out of alignment front teeth. 

After braces have been attached, they gradually begin to ease the teeth into the desired position. All procedures need patience as it can take months or even years for the teeth to be moved into the ideal position.

The cost of braces can vary depending on the place of treatment. Some places will share those prices online for patients to view and compare. For instance, you can find more information on costs from ALIGNERCO, as well as information on the services they offer. 

Consider choosing veneers

For those looking to adjust the spacing, misaligned, or chipped teeth, veneers are an option. They are made from porcelain or other materials like resin to cover the whole tooth.

After being molded to fit they are matched to the color of the tooth and bonded on. You may choose to have the coloring of the veneers a whiter shade to showcase the pearly white smile you've always desired.

As with all smile makeover treatments, it is a time-consuming process and you should be fully committed and confident in your decision. Multipletrips to the dentist will require molds to be taken, the veneers created, and then the time spent having them fitted. But veneers are a permanent solution for someone wanting the dream Hollywood smile. 

Ready for a Smile Makeover #smilemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/smile-makeover.htmlVeneers and Night-time alignment

Dental Implants

Having missing teeth can impact a person’s confidence. They might feel conscious when they smile and, as such, might choose to smile without showing their teeth.

You might consider a dental implant as a permanent treatment to replace a lost tooth. Not only will this boost confidence but an implant can help to improve oral health too. It's often easier to eat better and clean teeth more effectively.  

Similar to veneers, dental implants are a time-consuming process, certainly not a solution that is resolved overnight.

What you need to know about dental implants will provide the crucial information and help you make a more informed decision about the route to take.

To summarize

There you have a selection of various smile makeovers available.

Book a visit to your dentist to discuss the current health and quality of your teeth and discover which option might be possible or available for your own needs. 

Regardless of which route you choose, investing in a brighter smile could certainly help to make a positive difference to your confidence and future! 

Believe me it can change your life! 

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