How to flatter Wide Hips

Many women are over-sensitive about Wide Hips and Thighs whereas they are usually just CURVY HIPS.

This means that you have either an Hourglass or a Pear Shaped Body which is considered a sexy and voluptuous figure.

The widest part of a Curved Hip is usually at the thigh area.

How to flatter wide hips #wide hips #curved hips

Once you understand how to choose the correct shapes to flatter and fit your figure properly you will find that your silhouette will come much more into balance.

However, if you do feel that your hips are a little too generous there are easy ways to play down this area and re-direct the eye. 

If you are overweight...

It's a well known fact that an Hourglass and a Pear Shaped body will gain and hold excess weight on the Hip and Thigh area first before the rest of the body.

Cutting down on the amount of fat you eat will certainly show benefit in this area as the Hip and Thigh diet has proved.

Although a straight hip will usually carry weight higher in the midriff, eventually excess may settle on the hips too.

How to flatter wide hips and thighs

  • Keep detail and color high on the body to draw the eye upwards
  • Keep your bottom half darker and as plain as possible - avoid pockets and embroidery etc.
  • Add width to the shoulder line with shape and design to balance your figure.
  • Wear the best shapes for Curved Hips so that fabric is not pulling i.e. long darts
  • Look for a good fit on the hip area with no excess fabric to add inches 
  • Show off curves by nipping in to the narrow points of the figure - waist and below the hips

How to flatter wide hips #wide hips #curved hips to dress your Wide Hips to flatter

Why you need Curvy Shapes

You have curvy hips because your bone structure is rounded and you need fluid fabrics or 'curvy shapes' to drape over your curves. It's like putting a round tablecloth on a round table - a square tablecloth would look awkward. 

Your widest point is usually about 7" below the waist. Whether you are wearing trousers or a skirt it has to be cut accordingly - with long sloping darts to reflect the gentle slop of your hip into the thigh. 

A pencil skirt for Curved Hips should be tapered into your figure after the swell of the hip and thigh so that the waist and lower leg reflect the narrow part of the figure. This shape skirt will often have a slit so it's not too tight around the knees. 

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