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Whatever is a Clear Winter?

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So what actually is a CLEAR WINTER because Winter is always Clear (Bright), always Deep and always Cool.

'Different' methods of Color Analysis are always popping up but I never pay them a great deal of attention because I have to say 'each to his own'. The Tonal and Seasonal methods work brilliant well together and are perfectly complementary.

After all the hype, every method comes down to the same straight-forward idea of connecting or matching color characteristics with your own natural characteristics.  When you surround yourself with colors that echo your own natural coloring then you create balance. Simple!

But some methods of Color Analysis do nothing but create confusion. Let me explain...

A true WINTER color palette...

WINTER, for example, is made up of 3 color characteristics - BRIGHT (Clear), DEEP and COOL.

So if you are WINTER you are always BRIGHT, always DEEP and always COOL - these 3 characteristics have to be present to actually determine you as a Winter. 

Your natural coloring is bold with a high contrast and clarity between your features. 

OK so what is a Clear Winter?

As a Clear Winter you are directed and limited to the clearest (brightest) colors within the WINTER color palette.

With a restricted range of colors the shades become so specific that it's extremely difficult to recognize them and almost impossible to shop because your choice is so limited.

If you're not a TRUE WINTER you've got to be something else!

Winter is always Clear always Deep and always Cool. #clear winter #winter coloring #winter season https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/clear-winter.html

so if your coloring is very obviously BRIGHT...

As you're being directed towards the Bright shades then obviously the BRIGHT element is very obvious in your natural coloring. This means that your undertone is probably far more neutral than the Cool that would be expected with Winter coloring.

If BRIGHT is that obvious in your color direction then it could mean that BRIGHT is your primary characteristic. Rather than having a limited array of colors you could probably be enjoying the whole spectrum of the BRIGHT color family.

The CLARITY of your coloring is evident and each of the colors in the BRIGHT color family has the same 'neutral' tones as your own with little to no undertone. They will complement your natural coloring - creating harmony!

This beautiful color palette gives you the brightest shades from both the Spring and Winter palettes - the whole spectrum of bright shades with which to experiment, play and enjoy!

Whether Tonal or Seasonal you need choice

Why are some people still nervous about Color Analysis? Probably because they think their color choice is going to be severely limited. And this kind of Analysis does just that.

When I was first introduced to Color Analysis I felt very 'put out' when I was given a small swatch and told what I 'could' and 'couldn't' wear by a very dogmatic consultant. Probably like you, I don't like being 'told' what to do. Only you know what makes you feel good and what you need is choice.

Color Analysis should give you the widest possible choice of shades that will harmonize with and enhance your natural coloring. Your best colors should be pointed out but if some colors are new you should be encouraged to experiment. Our choice is usually influenced by mood and occasion anyway.

If your color direction is correct you will see many familiar and favorite shades and your own instincts are reinforced. Color is a fabulous medium, it's here to be enjoyed and it's FUN!

but if you really are a True Winter then don't dilute it...

A True Winter color swatch will include shades of more or less every color you can think of - reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples, greys...

Each one has elements of the Bright, Deep and Cool that complements your natural coloring. You'll have your favorites, some will look better than others. Season to season you'll be influenced by fashion and your tastes will develop and change.

Although they all have a blue undertone, you'll choose your brightest or quietest tones according to mood and occasion; professional, conservative, holiday time etc. but as long as you're within your color direction you really can't go wrong. However, once this color mix is diluted you're severely restricted.

The Winter color swatch  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/color-analysis-swatch.html

Deep Winter or Cool Winter - Check your colors too

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