Discover Color Analysis - it's MAGIC!

COLOR ANALYSIS is the perfect place to begin your journey to

It's FLEXIBLE, it's FABULOUS and it's FUN!

Nature designed your color palette - let me show you how it can bring you to life!


Discover Color Analysis #coloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis
Discover Color Analysis #coloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis

What is Color Analysis?

Color is the first thing that people notice and while some colors can make you look tired, others can bring you to life! Why would you choose to look less than fabulous when it's so easy to determine your own best colors?

Color Analysis looks at the natural coloring in your hair, eyes and skin tone and shows you how to echo the same characteristics in the clothes you wear. This creates harmony!

Wearing your own 'Color Family' will:

  • complement you naturally
  • brighten your skin and eyes
  • allow you to look healthier
  • give you more self confidence
  • raise your self esteem
  • mean no shopping mistakes
  • show you how to co-ordinate
  • streamline your wardrobe

It's much more than color...

Feeling good about yourself is much more of course than wearing the right colors but your outward appearance is often a reflection of how you feel inside and knowing you look good is a positive boost.

Because when..  YOU LOOK GOOD - YOU FEEL GOOD!

Discover your Color Family

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

FREE Color Analysis Quiz

Take the FREE Color Analysis Quiz and find your Tonal Color Family - quickly and easily!

Answer 3 questions and find the COLORS that flatter your natural coloring best.

This is obviously a generic quiz so I can't guarantee accuracy!

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

Personal Color Analysis

An accurate professional Color Analysis whether you're Tonal or Seasonal?

I will personally analyse your coloring with a complete explanation of how and why you fit into a Color Family. You'll have least 15 personalized images and a 30 page Color Profile!

Everything is conducted online with many happy clients around the world! See Testimonials.

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

Ready to DIY?
How Color Analysis works

I'll show you how Color Analysis works so you can identify your own Color Family. 

There is a version of every color in every COLOR PALETTE - and there are no colors you can't wear! Just identify the shades that suit you best. 

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

Color Analysis eBooks

There are 6 Tonal Color Families and 4 Seasons.

In my Color Analysis Ebooks you'll find lots of information that will help you to understand all the Color Families - plus FREE digital swatches for each Color Family.  

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

Tonal or Seasonal?

Tonal or Seasonal Color Analysis - is there a difference?

Perhaps you're wondering which to choose - or perhaps you've already had your colors done and wonder whether you've made the best choice.

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

How to use Color Swatch

Wow! you've got a fabulous new Swatch fan in your hot little hand but what next? How do you actually use this fabulous little tool?

Don't panic because I'll show you how!

How to use a Color Swatch #colorswatch #fabriccolorswach #coloranalysisswatch

Color Analysis FAQ

What are the benefits of Color Analysis? I've listed the most common questions I'm asked about color. 

If your query isn't covered here, check out Ask a Style Question Page.

Color Analysis FAQ #coloranalysisfaq #coloranalysis

Before and After Analysis

Read the comments of many happy and satisfied clients and discover what Color Analysis can do.

Your color choice is usually instinctively connected to your natural coloring and personality and you're likely to feel completely at home with your new color family.

Discover Color Analysis - it's Magic!

Allow 'Your Style' to visit you!

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Plus a Free copy of my book 'Shortcut to Style', it works for you, whatever your age shape or size! 

Pamela x

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