European style personality - City chic!

Your look

City chic! Expertly and expensively groomed and under-stated. A cool elegance. 

The impression you give

A well-traveled and sophisticated woman of the world equally at home in London, Paris and Milan.

You exude an air of success and can appear slightly aloof as your carriage creates an authoritative presence which commands respect.

You are a lady in control of the way you look, confident and assured with effortless style and dignity. A timeless grace!  

European style personality #European style #Joanna Lumley

Your priorities

Although aware of current trends, you're not interested in high fashion but invest in quality garments with the emphasis on 'Cut'. 

Neutral colors are your first choice for simplicity.  

Think Giorgio Armani style with clean sleek lines which depends on cut and fabric rather than color.

European style personality #European style #Joanna Lumley Armani look

Your look is always understated

You certainly may shop 'designer' but you choose not to advertise the brands - preferring simplicity and quality as the keynotes.  

You have the confidence to be yourself and always appear stylish but modestly dressed without the need for high fashion trends or gimmicks. 

Quality over Quantity

European style personality #European style #Carla Bruni

A European woman will always place quality above quantity. These are the basic essentials which prove investment pieces for all seasons.

  • a navy cashmere sweater
  • a white silk shirt
  • a coverall trench coat
  • quality jeans - skinny for the young, bootcut for the over-40's
  • quality tailored trousers
  • leather boots
  • leather handbag and a couple of belts

A limited range of tones...

European style personality #European style #Joanna Lumley

You've probably experimented with various styles but now the confidence to know what suits you and your lifestyle.

Occasionally, stunning one-off pieces will creep in to lift the neutral backdrop. You never panic buy and the simplicity of style and color allows you to purchase beautifully co-ordinated pieces to freshen and update your look.

Accessories are your extravagance! One quality accessory can turn a simple outfit into a chic statement.

A European style personality chooses a monochromatic or blended look with a limited range of tones. This never looks overdone, and it will see you stylishly through any occasion any time of the day.

Your shopping priorities 

European style personality #European style #Sharon Stone

This look is quite easy to achieve - or perhaps I should say - easy to copy. Unless you can afford the real thing, shop carefully to achieve the best quality you can.

  • Modern classic lines
  • unfussy and well cut
  • usually plain colors
  • it must work with other pieces
  • quality accessories never gaudy
  • quality fabrics: wool or linen

At all times avoid anything branded, gaudy or tacky!

Light blue jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops and sneakers - all a no-no!

How to achieve the look

  • Simple classic styles in quality fabric - good cut says quality
  • Choose quality over quantity every time
  • Use mainly plain fabrics - limit yourself to two colors if possible
  • Closely match 2 main items: jacket and pants or skirt; top and bottom with different jacket
  • If you need to make a sharper statement, introduce a scarf or brighter jacket
  • A quality trench tops it off with sunglasses even if atop your head!
  • Wear jeans in the darker tones, straight legs are best
  • Smart shoes or pumps, loafers are good
  • cardigans look good with plain shirts or a camisole
  • Quality statement handbag to accessorize
European style personality #European style #Joanna Lumley

Shop to expand your basics...

with the essential trench coat and stylish accessories.

You can of course add some strong solid color but by keeping to predominantly neutral tones, you gain the maximum mileage with co-ordination and retain the classy and classic effect of tone on tone.

Shop European Style

But Grooming always comes first...

Taking care of yourself, a little pampering and excellent grooming are all priorities for a European style personality.

Your clothes must fit well; they should enhance your figure so that you take center stage not the clothes.  

A European style personality will always choose quality garments An abundance of clothes is never a necessity for a French or Italian woman. Quality always takes precedence over quantity!

European style personality #European style #Catherine Deneuve

Your style icons

Catherine Deneuve, Isabella Rossellini, Barbra Streisand, Joanna Lumley, Sharon Stone

Your holiday look

Italian or French holiday style is like no other. Cool, clean, fresh linen separates, smart shoes or pretty sandals, never sneakers and just the right amount of jewelry to complement.

So simple, so under-stated, the merest touch of color, but so Wow!

European style personality #European style #myroselady

Not for you?

If a European style personality doesn't feel right for you, check out the other Style Personalities.

It's OK to mix and match your image, different occasions demand different looks.  

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