How to wear LIME

Tropical weather demands tropical color! Do you know how to wear LIME!

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or chilling in the Caribbean, the dramatic shades of luscious Lime are perfect additiion to your warm weather wardrobe.  

One of the most striking colors of all time, but is this color for YOU?

Well as Kettlewell Colours are kind enough to share with us, theoretically, 3 out of the 4 Seasonal palettes can happily wear different versions of Lime. 

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime

AND disproving that fact that Summers can't wear LIME, I unearthed an old favorite which shows that even we can enjoy it in small doses!

Lots of lovely shades and EVERYONE can enjoy it!

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime

How to wear LIME if you're SPRING

With it's sharp acidity and strong saturation level, vivid and vibrant LIME is a perfect 'hero' color in the Spring palette - and all shades of lime will work well for you.

Spring colors are LIGHT, WARM and CLEAR with some truly outstanding shades.

But allow lovely Lime to take centre stage with the simplest of supporters. Here I show it with soft white for contrast, a clear camel and a touch of red coral.  

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime
How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime


While Autumns can wear the lighter lime too, I think the slightly stronger tone featured here suits the overall deeper and richer shades of Autumn.  

Autumn is a mix of WARM, DEEP and MUTED shades and this color, called Tree Top, has a strong and deep golden warmth.

Featured alongside the patterned culottes and the warmer jacket, the outfit introduces the texture that always looks so good with Autumn coloring, whatever the time of year.

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime
How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime

Or even a WINTER!

You won't spot it in my swatch square below and, at first site lovely Lime looks a strange bed fellow with the Cool tones of Winter. But the extra acidity and contrast that Acid Lime provides makes it a great addition to the Winter palette, particularly in the Summer months when it adds a tropical touch.

Take look at how to wear Winter colors in the Summer for more ideas.

Not everyone can wear the Bright Yellow of the swatch but, if you can, then the Acid Yellow is a small step away from making a stunning appearance.

To keep your contrast levels high pair Acid Yellow with true, bright White and added Charcoal for the highest possible contrast without resorting to black.

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime
How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime

And for SUMMER too, in small doses!

Now, how to wear LIME if you're a Summer?

Well certainly luscious LIME isn't the best shade for us Summers, but I've found an old favorite that features lime in very small doses!

I wear a lot of navy and white and this adds a vibrant and different dimension to the neutrals. 

So if you have the urge to wear this most striking of shades, just ensure that you keep it away from your face because it won't be kind to your complexion. 

But certainly you can feature it in a print for a dress or scarf. Keep the rest of your colors to a minimum so as not to overwhelm your delicate coloring

How to wear luscious LIME #howtowearlime #wearlime

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