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 How to Work Your Wardrobe right NOW!

Think you've got nothing to wear for Summer? Then it's time to 'Work Your Wardrobe'.

Spring has passed us by in the UK and yet, suddenly, we need to reach into the depths of the closet to find something pretty to wear. 

Unless you have a special occasion looming or a holiday to look forward to, you may not have even bothered buying ahead for the new Season. For most of us Summer is a casual affair and, budgets being what they are, we certainly need to make the most of what we have! 

If you have little that's fresh and pretty, you only need a small budget to add a couple of fresh white t-shirts or inexpensive tops, they will work wonders.   

Ok this exercise is a couple of years old now but the method and ethos continues to work whatever the season.  

Join in the FUN, work your wardrobe RIGHT NOW and give yourself a boost! You'll amaze yourself with what you can produce with a limited wardrobe.  

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Time to shop your closet...

A wardrobe plan is brilliant but the most important factor is always to work with what you've got before you even think about adding to the mix.

I developed this easy plan a couple of years ago and was amazed at the number of outfits I could put together with the minimum of items.   

Instead of a daunting task, I turned it on it's head and made it FUN! So play along with me!

I wear pants most of the time, and there is certainly mileage in wearing separates. You may choose to wear skirts more, or shorts or cut-offs. 

Even with dresses you can always utilise what you have in jackets, cardigans and accessories to stretch the number of outfits you can create. 

Last Monday morning...

I pull on jeans and t-shirt, my go-to for wielding the vacuum cleaner and sitting at the computer.

I'm visiting my grandson's school after lunch and, notoriously lazy at 'dressing up', I change the jeans for a pair of navy linen mix pants, grab a little soft jacket (donkeys years old) and add a scarf. My kind of outfit!

I like mostly casual outfits but don't do skinny jeans, shorts or biker jackets. Are you with me?

Simple clean-cut clothes, smart but not fussy!

Of course I add some makeup which, in itself, immediately lifts your whole appearance! 

Outfit no. 1

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Start to work your wardrobe...

Well the idea was kind of vague...

At the end of the day I decide to hang these 3 items at the end of the rail and after a week or so, see how many items I'd actually worn. 

In fact it didn't work like that at all because, next morning, I had a light-bulb moment! I decided to see what other tops I had that would team with the natural jacket and navy pants. 

Outfits 2 - 7

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

By pulling out a few neutral tops from my closet, instead of 1 outfit, I've now got 7!

Simple t-shirts and the slightly more dressy blouses worn with the same jacket and pants, now means that I have outfits for a variety of occasions. 

I can of course choose scarf, bag and shoes accordingly to ring the changes even more.

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Outfits no. 8 - 14

When I add the original pair of jeans back into the mix I've already got 14 outfits. The 'boring' or simple items that I favor have come into their own. I've hit on my 'capsule' if you want to call it that without even trying. I'm not trying to fit into someone else's plan - and I'm off!

We've got a more casual vibe now. Denim or navy blue are basic neutrals and allow you to work your wardrobe whatever colors you choose to wear.  

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Wow this is fun!  Outfits no. 15 - 70

I've got the bug! I've already got 14 outfits using just one ivory jacket.

So let's add some color. Bearing in mind that whatever you have in your closet is likely to look good with navy, denim or whatever your favorite neutral happens to be. 

3 colored jackets and one short sleeved cardigan. Keeping to the same tops, pants and jeans I've now got another 3 x 14 outfits! 

The power of layering and co-ordination is amazing...

I'm up to 70 combinations! 

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html
Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.htmlBlue jacket/navy pants = 7 outfits, using jeans another 7 outfits. 3 more jackets = 14 outfits each.

A thought at this point! 

Rather than thinking t-shirts and pants - it takes nothing more than a pretty scarf, a brighter bag, even a bold necklace to turn 'clothes' into OUTFITS. See how I've done it above! My work your wardrobe game is paying off! 

If you have good strong coloring you're lucky and may not need makeup. As I'm very fair skinned I do need it and it makes a big difference to me looking 'dressed'. Again, it's a little extra effort that pays dividends!

Add in 5 more items, Outfits no. 71 - 105

Not the end of the world but it can be difficult to mix black and navy - and I've got both!

But because I've got colored jackets I can easily substitute the navy for black! So I add a pair black pants and t-shirts in plain black and a print, together with blouses in zebra and spot. 

As well as these 4 additional tops I already have 3 ivory tops from above that will look lovely with the black pants.  

So that's 7 tops and bottoms in black. 

And the 5 jackets already used: ivory, blue, red, pink and the camel cardigan will all work with the black sets.  

Each jacket makes 7 outfits therefore 5 x 7 means 35 more outfits!

It's now up to 105 outfits!

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html
WYW yourcap 7Pink jacket/black set 7 outfits; blue, red, ivory and camel jackets = 7 outfits each.

Let's add some color!  Outfits 106 - 117

We've got very little color, so let's add in a couple of tops in bright pink and jade.

These will both look lovely with the ivory and the bright blue jacket. They will all team nicely with the navy pants, denim jeans and black pants. 

Wow! 12 more outfits! 

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Add in just 1 pair of pants! Outfits 118 - 152

It would be nice to add in something lighter - so a pair of taupe pants - and things get really interesting! 

If I wore all 5 jackets with these pants I could fit in 7 of the neutral tops. That is 5 jacket/pants multiplied by 7 tops - WHAT another 35 outfits!

(Actually, I also have white pants but they always make me feel fat so I'll ignore the other 35 outfits that I could make!)

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Add just 2 dresses... Outfits 153 - 158 

Although I rarely wear a skirt I do enjoy wearing a dress when it's warm.  

So I have to include just a couple. I don't like flowers so my dresses are usually spots or geometric patterns. I've included just a navy/white and black/white here. 

Both dresses are neutral toned and look great with strongly colored jackets. 

So each dress with 3 jackets - I have 6 more outfits!

You can of course ring the changes with accessories even with a dress. 

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

Finding my style with 24 pieces! 

Now I could include other pieces from my wardrobe which I assure you is not vast!  Quite boring in fact!  

But if you buy a Wardrobe Plan they will usually include far more pieces than 25. 

All you need to do is mix and match!

It's intesting to discover your own style. I'm always comfortable in wide leg linen mix pants for the Summer and I know that I am always drawn towards stripes and spots over florals, but I hadn't realized quite how much I had drifted towards neutrals.

I have other black and navy trousers (same color, different fabric etc.) which is probably 'boring' but it allows me to change textures for different occasions and confirms what makes me feel comfortable. And I've got extra plain t-shirts which helps with the laundry.  

On some days when I don't need a jacket then the number of looks is multiplied.  Although a jacket really works for me I wear a cardigan around the house.  

I have used only 24 garments here and yet I've created 158 outfits. I was completely unaware of just how versatile my wardrobe could be!

Work your Wardrobe #workyourwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #wardrobemakeover https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/work-your-wardrobe.html

This is only the beginning...

Oh my... this is only the beginning. I've got a navy jersey blazer and a lightweight black jacket. I could wear a pair of white cut offs with the blazer far more often than just when I'm on vacation.

This is not a plan I have to adhere to but the whole 'work your wardrobe' concept shows me how much I have to work with. In fact if my husband sees this I'll never be able to buy another thing!

Tidying up and organizing your wardrobe is easy when it's done one item at a time. Pull a garment out and see if you can find where it might fit. If it's something you don't like, doesn't fit you or is past it's sell-by-date, then don't include it. 

This allows you to immediately spot where there's a gap in the mix or where an outfit needs brightening up.

Whether your wardrobe is wild or skinny...

You can do this too.

As you work your wardrobe it may not be as simplistic or neutral as mine. If you favor lots of color, more dresses and less separates then you probably won't have as many easy to assemble outfits. But on the other hand your mix could be far more exciting. 

Whether it's wildly out of control or missing lots of basics, you can do this!  

Your wardrobe doesn't have to be the archetypal collection that includes a white shirt, a little black dress and a trench coat. It only has to be a few items that work for you and your lifestyle.

Take it steady and take things one at a time to see if you can find a fit. Every single item doesn't have to work with oodles of others to earn it's place. If it's something you love and it makes up one gorgeous outfit just enjoy it! 

If you're buying new try and ensure that you get your money's worth by trying to fit it in with at least a couple of other things you already have. 

But as you work your wardrobe, you are allowed to just fall in LOVE with something really special that doesn't have to justify itself!

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