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5 Makeup Tricks to look younger!

I've been compiling some failsafe makeup tricks that will help us to look younger!

As we get older, it's easy to be complacent and continue to use the same makeup, colors and techniques that we've been happy with for many years. But are they still doing you justice! Are you disappointed with the result you see in your mirror these days?

As we age our skin changes and loses elasticity and the makeup we've become so adept at using may no longer be giving us the best results! 

I've taken 6 basic makeup items and looked at how we might improve and update the products we use to look more attractive and youthful! 

All the products I recommend are very reasonably priced so you can afford to experiment! 

Makeup tricks to look Younger 600

1 Foundation or Tinted moisturiser?

As skin ages it loses elasticity, becomes drier and begins to develop fine lines.

It's tempting to reach for full coverage foundation but, actually, a heavy matte foundation is likely to accentuate ageing skin and highlight pores. Makeup experts recommend a lighter foundation to give more natural results on a mature skin. 

They suggest a face primer to smooth out fine lines, using a concealer on any age spots or dark patches. A lighter weight foundation on top gives a light and dewy look; much more youthful.

The makeup trick to look younger is to switch to a tinted moisturiser giving a lighter and more natural look. One of the best is L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream infused with hydrating serum. It gives good coverage and has a SPF 50 protection; everything you could want in one product! 

Makeup tricks younger tinted mois

2 Eyebrows frame your face! 

As early as our 40's eyebrows will naturally begin to thin and discolor. Not only do they become more sparse but they also become straggly which means you need to be armed with a pair of tweezers to keep them in check. A good magnifying mirror is invaluable! 

A well shaped eyebrow provides the frame to a woman's face and adding color and volume is really flattering. You might choose to use a pencil, liquid or even elect for micro blading or tatooing. But beware, if you choose to keep your hair dark this can be very ageing if too dark and heavy. 

The makeup trick to look younger is to go no more than two shades darker than your hair. Laura Mercier ash blonde brow pencil is particularly good with blonde or gray hair, as most brown pencils have a gingery tone!

Makeup tricks younger brows

3 Lipstick and lip liner

Makeup tricks younger lip linerwith and without lipliner for definition

Just as our skin ages so do our lips losing both shape and volume. I'm not an advocate for falsely enlarging the lips, but each to his own, just keep them well moisturised. 

Most lips naturally have a cupid's bow but this tends to lessen with age as lips thin and applying lipstick straight onto lips can look messy and shapeless. Defining the shape will help your lips to look more attractive. 

The makeup tricks to look younger are to use a lip primer with a lip pencil, both of which help the lipstick edge to stay sharp and prevent it from 'bleeding'.

Apply lip primer sparingly and blot just a little. To get a defined shape, start the lip pencil in the middle of your top lip and work outwards both sides to gently establish a symetrical shape you're happy with. Then again from the middle of the bottom lip to the edges. 

The lip liner should match/tone with your lipstick or slightly deeper if you want to use a lighter lipstick. If this is new to you I recommend you practice a little the result will be well worth it!  

4 Match Blusher to your Lipstick

The aim of blusher is to look natural and healthy like a natural blush!! So it's important that it tones with your natural coloring.

If you know your color direction it's easy to  tone your blusher to your lipstick; you may also have a color swatch which shows you the best shades. an just follow the . In fact many women will use the same product - very well blended of course. 

The easy peasy makeup trick to look younger is to use a cream blusher which is easier to apply and gives a softer effect than a dry powder. Add just a little to the apple of your cheeks blending outwards and upwards. A little goes a long way so use it sparingly! 

Many women use the same product which saves time worrying about co-ordinating shades! 

Makeup tricks younger blusher

5 Eyes are still important!  

Liquid eyeliner can certainly look dramatic but for a more mature skin it's certainly too harsh for every day.

The makeup trick to look younger is to swap out for a L'Oreal kohl pencil (on the top lid only) which gives a softer effect. Brown is better than black but, personally, I prefer gray which works well with lighter or gray hair and is far better with Cool skin. If you find it too stark then the trick is to blend. Use a sponge applicator or even your finger to gently smudge and diffuse the eyeliner for a softer look. 

If you're wary of using mascara on your bottom lashes, try it just at the outer edges. It will add more definition to the eye area without the need for extra eyeliner.

Makeup tricks younger eye pencil

Look after your Skin! 

I haven't numbered this item because it's one we all know but still need reminding!

If you’re not taking care of your skin, then your makeup isn’t going to sit nicely on top of it. It's easy to get complacent but regular exfoliation will reduce prominent pores and taking time apply a good moisturiser will pay dividends. 

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