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25 ways to save time in the morning

Need to save time in the morning?

Streamline your routine to save precious minutes so that you can leave home on time looking polished, well groomed and confident enough to face the day ahead.

Good grooming and attendance to detail does take time but there are lots of ways you can save time when you're preparing for the day.

The key is planning...

Don't start the day on the wrong foot - make sure you're working to full capacity.

Arriving at work hassled is not the mark of an effective person so don't rely on memory alone to cope with everything.

The key to saving time is preparation - plan ahead so your morning goes like clockwork!

Your favorite tips...

There are so many BRILLIANT tips here that I've gleaned from all my years running Style Workshops. Most of them have been contributed by the ladies coming to my classes. They're all great. Take what works for you and forget the rest.

What's your routine? Do you have any special tips that help you to save time in the morning? Please share them with us and I'll include them.

A. In the evening

Do as many jobs as you can, you'll be more effective and leave your mind clear for the new day.

1. Ensure the kitchen is clean and tidy; prepare an easy-to-serve breakfast (slow cooker porridge is a goody); and set the coffee machine.

2. Pack your lunch box with no chance of messing up your clean clothes.

3. If you take an evening bath wash your hair to save time in the morning and clean your face thoroughly. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, brushing and styling is so much easier. 

4. Select your outfit - if something is soiled or not ironed you have time to rethink or remedy. Color Analysis will enable you to plan a simple but harmonizing wardrobe. Ring the changes with accessories.

5. Get to bed on time allowing yourself a decent night's sleep.

save time in the morning #save time in the morning https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/save-time-in-the-morning.html

B. Freshen up in the morning

6. Save time in the morning by making your bed while the shower is heating up.

7. Morning shower and hair wash? Use a moisturizing shower gel and you won't need body lotion.

8. Cleansing wipes may be sufficient for your face. 

9. A quality hair turban halves hair drying time and allows you to get on with your makeup. 

10. Makeup should be a simple 5 minute application with products that flatter you and are easy to use.

10. Style your hair with tongs or curling brush for ease.

save time in the morning #save time in the morning https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/save-time-in-the-morning.html

C. Save time in the morning with good habits

12. Train yourself to place car keys, sunglasses, mobile phone, laptop etc. in the same place. 

13. To save time in the morning, don't rethink handbags, use the same good sized tote bag. 

14. Before bed, place bag, phone, sunglasses, keys etc. near the door with notes for errands and a to-do list. 

15. Put your lunch box in the fridge and an empty container by the door to remind you to change it for the filled one!

16. Every member of the family should have their own space to leave things ready for the morning.

17. Organize outdoor clothes so that coat, gloves, scarves, umbrella, boots etc. are all together.  

save time in the morning #save time in the morning https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/save-time-in-the-morning.html

If you're always late in the morning keep your clock 15 minutes ahead

D. Avoid distraction

18. No TV or e.mails in the morning, it's too easy to be distracted - 2 minutes can turn into 15

19. Keep a notebook by the bed to jot down anything that you need to do or remember

20. If you're always late, put the clock 15 minutes fast - and forget that you've done it!

E. Use the weekend to make your week easier

21. Plan menus for the week

22. Shop for your lunch box with your weekly shop

23. Make sure your laundry is up to date. 

24. Fill your car with gas and save time in the mornings.

25. Give yourself a manicure, use a good top coat to last for the week.


Treat yourself to Laura Vanderkam's book as she explains how successful women manage to 'have it all'

Save time in the morning #timemanagement https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/save-time-in-the-morning.html

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