Pamper your Hands

Begin to pamper your hands a little right now so you'll be ready for the cold months ahead and look your best when the party season comes along.

Although you are unlikely to afford your hands the same importance as looking after the skin on your face, in actual fact, it's almost as sensitive and it has to endure more as our hands are constantly being used. 

The skin on the back of your hands is very thin and has little adipose tissue beneath the skin which makes it extremely sensitive and is likely to show signs of ageing long before the skin on your face.

Don't ignore your hands and nails - give them the same care you would give to any other part of your body - a little time and effort spent on hand care will certainly pay dividends.

Pamper your hands #pamperyourhands

Looking after your Nails

  • Although you can purchase vitamins for hair and nail over the counter, a well-balanced and vitamin rich diet should provide the necessary nutrients. Vitamin deficiency will result in weakened, brittle nails.

  • Cuticles are prone to drying and cracking so apply cuticle oil into the base of your nails every night to moisturize and protect. You will improve the health and appearance of your nails as well as protecting your polish and giving a lasting shine.

  • Always keep a nail file or emery board handy to shape and smooth your nails and file only in one direction, from side to center.

Pamper your hands #pamperyourhands
  • It’s fun to choose a new shape for your nails and there are various options from almond-shaped to coffin-shaped - find a shape that suits your taste and complements the shape of your hands and finger.

Pamper your hands and they'll stay beautiful...

As we age, our hands can let us down with a lot of common issues but with a bit of extra care many of them can be eliminated. 

Really flaky skin can be symptomatic of a minor problem with the immune system. Allergies or eczema can produce itchy and painful hands on both hot summer days and in dry winter conditions. 

But most of us who suffer with dry hands from time to time, can help this with a good skincare routine. 

  • If your hands are frequently in water wear quality rubber gloves - they’re more comfortable than cheap ones and will encourage the habit.
Pamper your hands #pamperyourhands
  • Always wear gloves for household jobs like cleaning, gardening and painting.
  • Wear warm gloves for protection in the winter.
  • Apply hand cream frequently.
  • An old fashioned approach but rubbing Vaseline or olive oil into your hands overnight (with or without cotton gloves) will give you beautifully soft skin the next morning and you will see visible results over time.
  • Exfoliate your hands just as you do your face, to remove the top layer of skin and reveal the fresh skin beneath.

Adding that extra Bling!

Once you've achieved soft and attractive hands and nails it's time to show them off to advantage whether or not you choose to have a professional manicure. 

  • Identify whether you have a Warm or Cool undertone and choose a nail color that complements your skin tone – perhaps even one that becomes your signature color!

  • If you wear just the one wedding ring on your finger then it’s time to add a little extra bling. An eternity ring worn either on the ring finger or on the third finger of the right hand for balance adds additional sparkle.

  • Dress rings, bracelets, henna designs or even a tattoo are a bold way to dress up your hands these days.

Pamper your hands #pamperyourhands

As you age your hands can still be beautiful.  Give them the same amount of care as you would any other part of your body.  

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