All wrapped up for Autumn

The cold mornings creeping up on you? Get wrapped up for Autumn with a simple and stylish coverup cape.

You don't need to change your daily 'uniform' dramatically when the season begins to change you just need a coverup with flexibility!

A coverup that will marry with whatever you choose to wear - from jeans casual to office smart.

I've found a really simple, smart and inexpensive solution with something for every color palette!

Busy lifestyles mean that we're always on the move. Wherever you live you're sure to be in and out of cars or public transport; offices and stores are either over heated or over chilled - what you need is something that can go on and off at speed!  

All wrapped up for Autumn #autumncape

Simple layering...

A simple cape will solve the problem early in the season and, as the weather gets progressively colder, all you do is add to the warmth beneath.

No problem with fit however many layers you need.

They don't know what to call this fabulous piece - cardigan, cape, coat, throw, poncho - it doesn't matter, it does the job!

It's also a winner for travelling and doubles up as a blanket throw.

Wrapped up for Autumn with ARMHOLES too!

I love a cosy throw when the weather gets cold but it can sometimes be difficult to keep it in place and stay looking neat. 

So best of all it this clever cape has armholes so it will stay on your shoulders leaving your arms free for bags, briefcase, shopping, whatever your day holds. It would even be easy to apply a fastening across the front if you wanted to. 

There are 3 neutral tones to choose from.  The rich burgundy adds warm color and works for any color palette. 

All wrapped up for Autumn #autumncape
All wrapped up for Autumn #autumncape
All wrapped up for Autumn #autumncape

RIIQICHY Womens Cape from Amazon just £25.99 ($25.99)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who can find sudden changes of temperature quite over-whelming too; in fact for some women it can be quite distressing. So the ability to whisk your warm layer on and off at will is a joy!

Too early for thick sweaters?

Not cold enough for thick jerseys yet?

Create a sleek neckline with a lightweight neutral scarf. Change it for something warmer as the weather gets colder.

Keep your hair under control when the cooler winds bite with a fabulous hat!

This classic fedora is at the unbelievable price of £12.50 (about$14.00), it has an adjustable size band and comes in 12 colors. 

The benefits of this cape...

  • Smarter than a poncho as it hangs from the shoulders like a coat
  • Armholes ensure that it stays in place allowing freedom for your arms
  • Brings all your separates together, minimal expense maximum coverage

  • No size problems, one size fits all, light and easy to carry
  • No hems or sleeve length to bother about if you're tall or short
  • It can be worn casual or dressy over pants or a skirt
  • Warmly and comfortably wrapped up for Autumn without restriction
  • Perfect for travel, fold up and use as a blanket or cushion
  • Add a fur hat for sophistication and a touch of luxury

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