All wrapped up for Autumn

Get all wrapped up for Autumn with easy styling and snuggly warmth. Busy lifestyles mean that we're always on the move.

Wherever you live in the world, we jump in and out of cars and public transport; homes, offices and stores are frequently either over heated or over chilled with air conditioning. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds sudden changes of temperature very uncomfortable. In fact for some middle aged women it can be quite distressing.

Thick Winter coats are often just too bulky and heavy for modern lifestyles but a wrap, poncho or cape can be whisked on or off in an instant. 

They offer a coverup solution that will marry with whatever you choose to wear from jeans casual to office smart.

There's a very wide variety available from an inexpensive blanket throw, or a luxurious pure wool Burberry cape.

All wrapped up for Autumn/Fall #autumnwraps

Some of the simplest throws are easy and lightweight to carry and can be styled in many different ways from a scarf to a poncho or a cape.

You don't need to change your daily 'uniform' dramatically when the season begins to change you just need a coverup with flexibility!

So simple layering that can be on or off quickly and easily is the solution. 

Wrapped up for Autumn - your options

  • Take your pick from a richly colored tartan or plaid to a business-like neutral.
  • A blanket wrap/throw/scarf is so versatile and it brings all your separates together, minimal expense maximum coverage

  • A blanket wrap has no size problems, one size fits all, light and easy to carry
  • A poncho is more snuggly and covers up to the neck
  • A cape is slightly more dressy and often has fixed fastenings
  • They can all be worn casual or dressy over pants or a skirt
  • Comfort and warmth without restriction whatever the weather
  • Choose a budget buy or the luxurious warmth of wool or cashmere
  • Add a fur hat for sophistication and a touch of luxury

Keep it simple...

with a blanket wrap that can be on or off in a flash! Absolutely perfect for travel of any kind as it folds up neatly - use it to sit on, sleep on or wrap yourself up. 

Like to feel a bit neater?

A simple blanket throw can of course feel a bit over powering if you're petite or it might be a little difficult to keep in place if you have things to carry.

So if you want to stay wrapped up for Autumn with the same easy-wear appeal and remain just that little bit neater, choose a cape with a secure fastening.  

It will hold firmly in place whether you're struggling with the shopping, carrying a briefcase or travelling. Equally neat is a poncho which just pops over your head to keep you tidy, snug and warm.

Petite bonus!

A wrap or cape, particularly one with a fastening is the perfect answer for a petite woman - no length problems with sleeves or hem to worry about, your legs look longer and the movement or swing adds presence to a shorter lady. And... you don't feel overpowered as it stays in place. 

Although you can still find plenty of budget purchases you might be tempted to indulge in a more luxurious wool or cashmere cape which will retain it's good looks for years to come. 

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