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At home elegance!

At home elegance! What does that mean to you?

The night's are drawing in and there's a nip in the air. After writing last week about identifying gaps in your wardrobe, the drop in temperature has identified mine! 

It's always difficult to picture 'at home elegance'. We think about it for the retired woman primarily but, now, we need a look that's suitable for the work-at-home woman too.

How are we going to wrap ourselves up for the long cold afternoons and evenings on the way? We need a look that's both chic, appropriate and warm.  

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At home elegance

Fuel prices are rising to extortionate highs making warmth a primary factor. 

So when it's time to curl up on the sofa with a fur rug to hand and a glass of wine (well it's always 5 o'clock somewhere) I want to feel laid-back, casual, comfy, warm - and yet still achieve 'at home elegance!  

And although it's probably a bit shallow to admit it, I'm not yet ready to put 'sensible' completely ahead of looks.

Wistful comfort

Thinking of comfort brings beautifully soft knitwear to mind but, if you’re anything like me, your temperature goes up and down like a yoyo so I don’t need anything that clings too tightly.

Cue the lantern sleeved jumper. With loose sleeves and drop shoulder line, it hangs from the elegant boat neck rather than gripping you tightly allowing plenty of movement around your arms and waist.

The chic and fashionable vibe certainly puts the dull grandma sweater to shame and, since it’s not a tight fit, there’s space to pop a long-sleeved layer beneath if you need to or just add a pretty scarf to the neck.  

Casual elegance for the retired woman #casualelegance #retiredwoman

Effortless harems

As wide legged pants are my go-to item for the Summer, it makes sense to look for a warmer alternative.

With a multitude of background influences from Arabia, Greece and Africa, harem pants are a mix of chinos, joggers and a few ruffles thrown in for good measure! 

Lots of different shapes and fabrics mean that there’s a design ready to compliment every figure.

From the comfy stretch waistband the pants fall softly to the drawn in ankle, minimizing the hips just like a wide leg pant. For a classic fit choose a high crotch. Ready for some fun? Choose a mid or low crotch and go as wide and as wild as your dare!

Casual elegance for the retired woman #casualelegance #retiredwoman

and stylish specs...

There's a basketful full of specs in my house but rarely do I have a pair that I enjoy wearing that I can also see through! 

It’s difficult to choose glasses in a store with time limitations so I was thrilled to hear of a company which allows you to try before you buy!

Read the Warby Parker review and discover how you can select up to 5 frames to test out for 5 days in your own home - and they're shipped free both ways. 

An Online Quiz helps you to choose the frames that are most flattering for your face then you can try in the context of your own lifestyle with your own wardrobe.

Casual elegance for the retired woman #casualelegance #retiredwoman

When your 5 days is up pop your package in the mail with the prepaid return label. Ready to order you upload your prescription online and they’ll make your brand new glasses specially for you.

The glasses frames are lightweight and youthful, stylish yet subtle – I love the pink camouflage look that the quiz chose for me - and the price starts at a very competitive $95 including prescription lenses.

There's no doubt that certain colors and styles can make you look younger. Just as lighter toned hair is often suggested then an upswept frame in a lighter shinier frame is recommended for a mature face.

Choose carefully to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Additional warmth

At home elegance doesn't have to mean a special outfit.

Why not add a snuggly coverup in a neutral color to keep out the draughts and the chills whatever you're wearing. 

At-home elegance and cosy evenings

None of these items is in any way confined to at-home elegance for the 'retired woman' - we all want to relax in style regardless of age.

The key is being aware of the various colors and styles which will help YOU to feel good so you don’t have to follow the crowd. 

So we’ll lift a glass and just call it at-home elegance for all!

Casual elegance for the retired woman #casualelegance #retiredwoman

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