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Ready for a Home Hair Color?

If you're worried about root growth now is the perfect time to try a home hair color!

For many years I had highlights put into my light brown/mousey hair but as I got older it seemed to become more and more difficult to achieve the look I wanted.

Although, theoretically, adding ash blonde highlights to hair turning gray should work, mine was beginning to throw up yellow tones. Out to dinner for a special big birthday found me sitting next to a mirrored wall and I was very unhappy with what I saw.

The next day I bought a box of home hair color!

Home Hair Color during Coronavirus #homehaircolor #hairduringcovid19 #homecolor https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/home-hair-color.html

Use a tried and trusted brand

Actually I'd used Clairol Nice 'n' Easy many years ago (probably as a teenager). It worked safely then and is an even stronger and more trusted brand now. 

If the color didn't work then I was no worse off and at least I couldn't blame anyone else! I chose an ash blonde and was over the moon with my very first attempt. It looked even, natural and my skin looked a better color too!     

After two years of using Nice 'n' Easy regularly I've adjusted my color choice a couple of times, saved myself a fortune and, I'm pleased to say, hair salons are a thing of the past. A lovely mobile stylist gives me regular trims and occasionally she adds color to my roots but, more often than not, I do it myself.   

Home Hair Color during Coronavirus #homehaircolor #hairduringcovid19 #homecolor https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/home-hair-color.html

Let me show you how easy it is

Hair colorant does fade over time so my hair looks particularly yellowy in the 'before' picture above but it's easily corrected. My current favorite is Nice 'n' Easy Light Ash Blonde, which suits a cool skin tone like mine, but there are about 30 different shades to choose from. 

You get everything you need in the pack: 2 bottles that mix to form the color, a luxurious conditioner to use afterwards and gloves to protect your hands.

1  Mix the color creme and activator together and shake the bottle.

2  Add to the roots of your hair initially, wait 20 minutes then add the rest of the mix like a shampoo all over your head. 

3  Wait another 5 minutes and you're ready to shampoo off and add conditioner.

That's it!

Home Hair Color during Coronavirus #homehaircolor #hairduringcovid19 #homecolor https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/home-hair-color.html

I choose to add a toner

My hair always throws up a slightly golden tone, if you're happy with that you're ready cooked! But I like it to be a real ash tone so I usually add a toner straight after the color. 

So that I could show you the actual color I dried it off and added a toner after my next shampoo. I use Color Vibes in Silver Touch, a ridiculously inexpensive product that you add for just two or three minutes after your shampoo.

The end result of home hair color - in different lights

Home Hair Color during Coronavirus #homehaircolor #hairduringcovid19 #homecolor https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/home-hair-color.html

My kind of gray hair!

Although I always thought I'd be happy to transition into gray hair, I have not inherited my mother's beautiful silver. My color does not make me happy!

So hey I'm happy for another 6 or 7 weeks because home color is so easy and so inexpensive!    

I was listening to a celebrity hairdresser on the television this week who said 'not to worry', even if you're not happy with a home hair color, any problems can easily be adjusted by a stylist once we're back in the world again! 

This could be your moment!

Home Hair Color during Coronavirus #homehaircolor #hairduringcovid19 #homecolor https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/home-hair-color.html

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