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Want to change your Hair Color?

Want to change your hair color?

Then it depends on the result you want to achieve. If you choose a shade that flatters your complexion then you'll always get a more natural - and dare I say a better result!

If, of course, you want to create drama then the sky is your limit.

How to change your hair color #change hair color

Just like the colors you wear, your hair is next to your face and some shades will flatter you and some can make you look quite sickly. 

You can enhance your hair color  or even  go for a complete change very successfully if you follow a few guidelines. 

"Red hair Sir, in my opinion, is a dangerous thing!"

Jeeves, P G Wodehouse

Beware of tone...

Light to dark or dark to light - it can work but stick to the same undertone (cool or warm) or you'll find that the tones are fighting your complexion.  

Light or fair coloring

From a fair haired child, you will almost inevitably have darkened slightly. Add highlights to introduce a brightness and freshness which retains a youthful look. If you know your skin tone, so much the better. 

Flatter a warm skin tone with golden blonde and a cool skin with ash tones - a pearl or champagne blonde will suit either. A mixture of Highlights/Lowlights is effective at covering grey as one solid color is often too heavy.

With Warm skin

How to change your hair color #change hair color

If you've got a Warm undertone that will include the Warm color family, Spring and Autumn.

You always have a kind of golden glow - from strawberry blonde through to rich deep auburn. So if you want to change your hair color always choose from the warm palette - gold, copper, auburn, rich chestnut depending on whether you are fair or dark. 

Whether you want to brighten or cover grey, it's always best to use 2 or 3 shades together to keep your look alive and natural, avoiding a solid artificial look.

With a Cool skin

How to change your hair color #change hair color

If you have a Cool undertone, you might belong to the Cool color family, or have been determined Summer or Winter.

Cool skins have a blue undertone and need ash tones to complement - ash blonde hair through to the deepest ash brown.

When you are adding color ensure that you always maintain cool tones as warm tones can look 'brassy' and can make your skin appear yellow. Hair is rarely 100% Cool and any red tones should be discouraged. Hair colorants, particularly as they fade, can appear slightly yellow. 

Beware! Hairdressers love warm tones, but you should avoid golds, coppers etc. and use a silver shampoo if you need to tone color down.

WINTER - Although you are Cool, Deep and Bright with dramatic contrast your hair will usually turn to a delightful silver and you will still retain the beautiful contrast. In the same way you can actually be a successful blonde as long as you stick to ash tones and don't compromise your skin color. I would however suggest that you consult a good hairdresser for such a dramatic change.

Deep strong coloring

Dark hair and dark eyebrows is what gives intensity and drama to both Deep and Bright coloring.

Katy Perry's coloring is all about contrast - light and deep - this is lost with blonde hair.

If you want to color dark hair choose burgundy tones or chestnut for Cool skin. Warm skin reacts well to copper, mahogany or rich auburn.

How to change your hair color #change hair color

Muted coloring

If you know your skin tones, either Warm or Cool, follow the advice above. Change your hair color carefully and softly. Ash, pearl or beige blonde hgihlights if you are fair and to blend in the grey

Or change your hair color for drama...

Who's to say what's right or wrong? Would Zandra Rhodes have attracted such attention in her early days without her trademark locks? If you're in a creative environment it might be the way to go.

Are you safe or experimental? It's your choice whether you choose to follow the guidelines above or whether you want to make a statement!

To change your hair color is such a personal thing so go with what's right for YOU and your LIFESTYLE!

How to change your hair color #change hair color

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