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Decplay - Piano lessons for Seniors! 

I have always wanted to play the piano! And at the age of 74 I'm finally realizing my dream with Decplay piano lessons for Seniors!

Why? Well when I was a little girl we had a piano but my mother had wasted so much money and had so much grief from my elder sister who was in no way musical that she proclaimed she couldn't go through it again. So sadly we said goodbye to the piano and I received a record player in it's place. Very nice, but I never forgot that piano!    

Although I enjoyed picking out a tune with my right hand, who knows, I may well have reacted in the same way to intensive lessons and practice! 

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Is it ever too late?  

Over the years I've always said if only... but family life takes over. My children had various instruments and lessons (not the piano) but none of them persevered. I wouldn't have dreamed of spending the same money on myself. 

However, a short while ago I was in contact with the lovely Lizzie of www.lizzieinlace.com who had bought herself a piano as a birthday gift. How wonderful I commented, I've always wanted to play but I've left it too late! 

Her reply of course was that it's never too late, why not look into it. Well, my bluff was called. 'How late is too late?' I googled, bearing in mind that I don't have a lot of time on my side!

The answer popped up immediately: Decplay piano lessons for Seniors says it's never too late as age isn't a barrier! An ingeniously simple method that makes it easy for older people to learn piano via an online course without having to understand music notation - does it sound too good to be true?  

This is me playing after 11 weeks with Decplay!

Piano lessons for Seniors - perfect! 

After watching the introductory video of people from 50 to 90 making music with huge smiles on their faces, I was even more intrigued.  

Declan Cosgrove is a professional musician (the most likeable guy to boot) and has devised his Decplay system using numbers instead of complicated music notation. This avoids wasting time and money on the traditional methods designed for concert pianists!      

A keyboard would do the job just as well as a piano and I was absolutely determined to go ahead before I warned Maurice he might have to buy some earplugs! 

Even though I was excited, I read the reviews (Trust Pilot's top recommendation) and held onto myself for a couple of weeks while I sourced the best type of keyboard and a comfortable stand and stool.  

New hobby, new friends, new lease of life! 

After just a few minutes I could pick out a tune, and after the first week I was playing Amazing Grace with two hands quite confidently! Two hands!!!!!

There's an amazing group of welcoming and inspirational people on the Decplay Facebook page and in the twice monthly Zoom meetings Declan answers questions, offers encouragement and introduces us all to new pieces of music. We even have a chat session and make friends in small groups face to face. 

You don't have to get involved with others; you might choose to work your way gently through the Piano Bundle which includes all the tuition and the music for Beginners, Intermediates and even more advanced. You can progress just as far as you want to. 

There are overseas students too, after all there's no limit to the Internet. It's like another wonderful family and it's given me a new lease of life! 

I love learning something new, can't wait to get up in the morning, sit down and play one of the beautiful tunes from the repertoire I've already downloaded and mastered. It involves practice if I want to improve but I've waited a long time for this opportunity so it's not exactly a hardship.

It's a major confidence builder and, actually, earplugs haven't been necessary. Currently, after just 18 weeks, I'm playing Chopin Minuet in G!!!

This is me playing after 18 weeks with Decplay!

Where do I go from here? 

Quite honestly it's a dream come true for me that, at long last, I can play recognizable music when I've never had a piano lesson in my life.  And I'm improving every week! 

I have no expectations of being a concert pianist, there is no target, no finishing line and everyone's idea of achievement is different.  

18 weeks in, I'm enjoying myself so much I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Decplay piano lessons for Seniors.  I'm just beginning to look at all the Christmas songs. 

If I ever get through the vast amount of music, tunes and different styles of play available to me already, there is an easy to follow guide so that any music can be converted into the Decplay system.  

Click the image and click through to see Declan's inspiring video

How does Decplay work? 

Decplay achieves incredible results because the new form of song sheets (PianoTabz) is so simple and intuitive that it takes only minutes to understand. As a result, it is just as effective with absolute beginners as well as those who may have studied some music in the past. 

Although Decplay is suitable for any age to learn piano, it's infinitely encouraging for us older 'students' who have more challenges - arthritis, low sight and certainly poor memories! A lady of 93 who suffered a stroke was able to play some favorite tunes within days of starting the course.  

As long as you have the passion, the Decplay Formula and a bit of practice will do the rest.

Intrigued? Click into the image above and watch Declan's introducory video and his happy band of Decplayers! 

Health benefits of playing the piano 

There are huge health benefits when learning to play the piano as a Senior. 

Although we've rarely had enough time as we progressed through work and raising a family, once we retire it can sometimes feel like we have too much time on our hands. Sadly, chronic inactivity can negatively impact one's sense of purpose leading to depression, diminished cognitive abilities and overall poor health. 

“You’re never too old to learn something new” rings true and music, in particular, is proven to stimulate the mood and health of older people helping them to lead enriched, happier and healthier lives.

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