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Body Love... develop the art!

When the world is in chaos, it's even more important than usual to practice some BODY LOVE.

Life is precious and, instead of worrying about what we're missing, most of us appreciate how lucky we are to be safe with a roof over our heads, food to eat and fresh air to breathe.

Life is for living, no more waiting to lose weight, get your teeth fixed or afford a new wardrobe. Decide to practice BODY LOVE today because happiness comes from within and it breeds positivity and confidence! 

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Body Love takes energy and good health...

You need to be fit and well in your body as well as your attitude of mind. Looking after yourself requires you...

  • to maintain your body with good nutrition
  • to ensure you get plenty of rest and sleep
  • to get fresh air and exercise
  • if you're concerned about your health in any way get yourself checked - you can put your mind at rest or accept help

You can't offer love to others until you can love and take care of yourself. Feel good about the person you are and the body you're in then positive things begin to happen! 

Facing the world with Body Love needs a plan...

Now that you've decided to treat your body with LOVE it's time to take a step forward.

Not quite as brave as you'd like to be? You're not the only one, most people have feelings of insecurity at times. Adopt a few techniques so that you outwardly appear in control of a situation even if, initially, you're not feeling it inside.

You'll discover how to boost your confidence in other ways too as you develop more trust and respect in yourself. Smile! It could make you happy! 

1 What makes you feel good?

Body love in women is often linked with how we look! That may sound flippant but when you look in the mirror are you thinking negatively? Do you worry about your dark circles, or think you need to lose weight?  

Start Today: You can't solve everything immediately but take a step forward. Your hair may be clean but decide to get a good cut as soon as possible. Clean out your makeup bag and make yourself look your best. Do your nails need attention, clean and neat will do but if you like polish, then today's the day! Get ready to go out in an outfit that makes you look and feel smart but comfortable.  

2 Hold your head high

Walk tall and full of purpose, you don't need to rush. Stand up straight and face the world head on.

Don't look down when you're walking and don't slouch - you will immediately look and feel taller. You'll also look as though you're completely in control.

Posture is something that's easily improved with practice. Holding your chin up high makes you appear determined and positive.

Start Today: When you're sitting down, straighten your back and hold up your head - you'll feel an immediate difference. 

Notice how many people roll from hip to hip putting unnecessary strain on joints and muscles. Walk with your head high and a straight back - others will notice how much more elegant you look.  

3 Face the world with a Smile!

There is no substitute for a bright smile. If you've ever walked with a dog or a baby you know that everyone smiles at you and says hello very easily. It's a great feeling! If that doesn’t happen when you’re alone, why don’t you be the one who makes it happen?

Start Today: Decide to smile at the first three people you meet and say Hi or Good Morning. The smile you receive back will be well worth the effort! If you don't have a confident smile and good teeth, then make a dental appointment. An attractive smile will have a strong positive effect on your self esteem.

4   Adopt a positive attitude

Decide to develop some positive vibes and concentrate only on positive things around you. Your cup can be half full just as easily as half empty. Start to look for the good in others and ignore the things that annoy you.

Start Today: We all need body love so today find something good to say to others. Start by offering a compliment; praise someone’s efforts however small; appreciate a small kindness; see how much pleasure you can give to others and you'll be surprised how good that makes you feel!

5 Eye contact

You're probably in contact with lots of people every day, at the store or the garage, and never think about how you behave. In a different situation though you might feel more in the spotlight and consequently nervous. If you look people in the eye and speak slowly you will look and sound perfectly cool.   

Start Today: Try it with the waitress when you're having a coffee, or at the filling station - look them in the eye and smile as you say thank you. You'll be pleased to see their response and you'll feel better in yourself.

6   Don't let anyone put you down

Children that are continually praised grow up with a good helping of self esteem. However, life sometimes throws us a curved ball and things aren't always perfect. If people put you down, be aware that only weak and insecure people behave in that way as they need to feel in control; a confident person may offer advice but would never belittle you.

Start Today: We are influenced by the people we mix with so cut down the time spent with negative people and those who don't share your goals. Decide to surround yourself only with positive people from now on. If you encounter negatives you don't have to accept them, say thank you and turn away.

7   Make new resolutions

Promise yourself to establish new routines and look after yourself more. Trust yourself to follow through, practising some body love will boost your confidence. 

'This is the first day of the rest of your life'! I've had to say that to myself many times over the years, it doesn't have to be New Year, the first day of the month or even the first day of the week. You can begin anew at any time. Start today, and by tomorrow you'll have accomplished something! 

Start Today: if you haven’t already started on your Makeover journey, take a couple of free quizzes - and discover how beautiful you really are! 

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