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A good First Impression

Don't we all want to make a good first impression?

We all speak without saying a word before we've even opened our mouths. From the way you dress and the way you behave, other people form an opinion.

It's quite amazing to think that up to 93% of what we're saying is non-verbal.

So when you meet someone for the first time, particularly if you want to make a good first impression, it's important to appreciate how powerful Body Language can be. Are you giving away more than you want to!

Making a good first impression #first impression  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/making-a-good-first-impression.html

Register the name...

Ever been talking to someone and realized that you initially missed their name? 

Your sub-conscious was working overtime taking in their appearance and how they were behaving - only 7% of your attention was actually available to listen and register the first thing they said!

TIP:  When you're introduced to someone repeat their name - 'I'm pleased to meet you Jane (or George)'. It's good manners, it makes a good first impression and it helps you to remember.

When you meet someone for the first time...

Making a good first impression #first impression  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/making-a-good-first-impression.html

55% of attention is focused on appearance

The most important messages come from your appearance. Is your outfit appropriate for the occasion? Have you made an effort with your Grooming?

  • Want to look as though you care? then make sure you've made an effort
  • Want to look businesslike? then dress as though you can do the job
  • Want to look approachable? then make sure you don't look intimidating
  • In a mixed office and don't want to look flirty? then tone down your dress
  • Want to make a good impression? then project the image you're happy with
  • You can manipulate your look to say whatever you want it to say
  • Present yourself at your VERY BEST every time - whatever the occasion!

33% of attention is focused on the way you behave

When you walk into a room, your behavious makes it obvious to others how you're feeling.

  • Are you confident or nervous?
  • Are you relaxed or restless and eager to be gone?
  • Are you respectful to others or think they're lucky to have you?
  • Are you standing tall and facing people directly or find eye contact difficult

Only 7% of your attention is left to hear what's being said

It seems very unfair but by the time you actually get to speak to someone their attention may have already drifted...

  • They've probably already formed an opinion of you
  • their opinion is based on non-verbal messages
  • Even if this initial impression is wrong, the mental image may remain

Are you making a good first impression?

The way you act and present yourself is revealing your innermost feelings and there may be factors you don't want to give away to others. When you understand the messages you own non-verbal communication is sending out you can choose to put yourself in control and send out only positive Body Language.

If so much attention is focused on the way you look, it's eminently sensible to make sure that your appearance is saying what you want it to. It may be unfair but the way you present yourself can prevent you making a good first impression. 

Fortunately, you are in complete control of the way you look!

Want to change the messages your appearance is sending out 
Want to influence the way people see you

Make your mind up time - it's merely seconds!

When you're buying a house it's always said that you make your decision within the first 11 seconds. 

Well the opinion we form of each other is much the same.   

Across a crowded room or even as you pass someone in the street, you've formed some kind of opinion. Those sub-conscious opinions made in the first few seconds are based purely on appearance.

Making a good first impression #first impression  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/making-a-good-first-impression.html

A new job? The employer will have picked up some kind of 'vibe' as you walk in the door. Positive body language and a smart appearance won't make up for a lack of incompetence but it will get you a foot in the door and allow you to be heard.

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