What do Real Women look like?

Real Women look just like YOU and ME!

There's no such thing as the perfect body because 'real women' look just like you and me. We come in every conceivable shape and size - short, tall, thin or fat - and each of us has an individual beauty.

We ALL have lumps, bumps, fat bits, thin bits, bits we don't like and occasionally bits we do like.

Forget about the air-brushed models in the magazines, they're not 'real'. In fact, their insecurities far outweigh yours!

Their daily bread is reliant upon them staying a certain size, a certain look that can go rapidly out of style and they have a very short shelf life.

And they're still not GOOD ENOUGH without a lot of help.

What are 'real women'

  • Very few women are really beautiful without effort.
  • Every woman can be beautiful with a little effort.
  • Very few women are born with a perfect figure and an innate sense of style.
  • Every woman can learn how to flatter her own figure and adopt a personal style. 
  • With a little self belief we can all develop the confidence to make the very best of the way we look and feel. 

And there are easy ways to feel more confident...

Find your best Colors

Color is the first thing we see. 

  • Some colors will make you look tired and drawn while others will bring you to life so find the best colors to make you look your most attractive.
  • There are 3 ways to find out your Color Family - it's the start of something BIG!

Identify your Body Type

  • There is no such thing as the perfect body
  • You're not the only woman who worries about her figure
  • You're not the only woman who finds it difficult to find things to fit
  • So identify which of the 5 generic Body Types is yours and learn how to flatter your figure

Cope with 'figure challenges'

  • Once you've identified your Body Type your individual Body Shape is quite different.
  • Like most of us you probably have some 'figure challenges'. Parts of you that are difficult to fit.
  • Most of us have bits of our body that we'd like to minimize and, occasionally, parts of our body that we appreciate and like to show off.
  • Learning to dress your own figure allows you to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative

Then you're set to do your own Wardrobe Makeover

  • When you've found the Colors, Shapes and Styles that make you look good you can bring all that confidence together
  • Organizing and streamlining your wardrobe will make your life easier saving you time and money - and increased self esteem.

What's a perfect body?

The idea of beauty changes with fashion and the ages - the perfect body just doesn't exist. 

Marilyn Monroe in the 50's had voluptuous curves and was reputed to be a US size 12 (that is UK 16) and we can frequently see what we would call a 'tummy bulge' in her photographs.

Compare that to the waif-like shape of Twiggy in the 60's - the media's idea of 'female beauty' changes with almost every decade.

Every woman is different and every woman is beautiful. But throughout history it's been the Rubenesque woman who has been immortalized on canvas.

The PERFECT BODY just doesn't exist

You are unique!

Take a walk around town, be very aware of who is around you and see what real women look like. See how beautifully different everyone is. You are a UNIQUE individual made up of inherited genes and chromosomes and absolutely your own woman.

No one in the whole wide world looks exactly like you - that makes you PRETTY SPECIAL.

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