What is a RAINBOW!

We all love them but, actually, what is a RAINBOW?

Is it nature’s sign of good luck?  Is there a pot of gold at the end? 

There are so many myths surrounding this beautiful natural phenomenon that it is, without doubt, ‘one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth’. 

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So what is a rainbow?

A Rainbow is a large arc of parallel strips of color created when pure white sunlight is broken down into it's component parts.

Although there are an infinite number of colors, the seven main colors of the Visible Spectrum have been identified as:


Very simply...

Aristotle in 350BC was probably the first to question and then explain why a rainbow was a circular shape and could be seen in a certain direction rather than a definite place in the sky.

After 20 centuries of study...

it wasn't until 1666 that Sir Isaac Newton actually proved the 'Property of Sunlight'.

His famous spectrum experiments, passing light through a prism, proved how light is broken down into it's component parts. Pure white light goes in one side producing it's own mini rainbow on the other.

What is a Rainbow? #color analysis #rainbow #prism https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/what-is-a-rainbow.html

From the infinite amount of colors, Newton identified the spectrum as seven main colors - seven being a significant 'natural' number. 

When we experience sun and a rain shower together, the raindrops in the air act like mini prisms. Sunlight enters a raindrop, reflects off the side and is broken down into it's component parts. It is this reflection that allows us to see all the colors of the RAINBOW.

If you find this interesting, why not check out How Rainbows Work - it's fascinating reading...

And the magic...

It's a word that is often used for something magical! Over the Rainbow - a fantasy land!

It's childlike, a beautiful word creating a fairy-tale world. It stirs the emotions and offers hope. It's been used in the commercial world for everything from hospitals to television programs, charities to rock bands, and we never seem to tire of it.

The colors of the rainbow show us how to co-ordinate and harmonize, develop and explore our love of color!

Aren't we lucky? Enjoy the wonderful world of Color! 

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