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Wearing Pearls with Style

Wearing pearls with style doesn't mean looking or dressing like your grandmother! 

As well as being a personal favorite, this gorgeous jewellery staple has always cycled in and out of fashion and is currently one of the hottest jewellery items trending.

Pearls add elegance, sophistication and a touch of class to any wearer and a simple strand of pearls or a pair of pearl studs will immediately elevate the look of your outfit.

Regardless of your age, skin tone or style, pearls will flatter and bring LIGHT to the complexion.

Natural or imitation?

Some imitation pearls are simply made of mother of pearl, coral or conch shell while others are made from glass and are coated with a solution containing fish scales called essence d'Orient.

Although imitation pearls look the part, they do not have the same weight or smoothness as real pearls, and their luster will dim quite quickly.

Fine quality natural pearls are very rare jewels. Their values are determined similarly to those of other precious gems by size, shape, color, quality of surface, orient and luster.

Wearing Pearls with Style updated!

1   Layer your Pearls a la Coco!

A single pearl strand looks elegant but for a more dramatic effect increase the number of layers and mix up different sizes of pearls, lengths of strands and even colors.    

Coco Chanel showed the world how to wear pearls with style. For a confident and modern look add a couple of chain necklaces into the mix.  

Don’t stop at just necklaces. You can layer your pearl bracelets for an equally stunning effect.

2   Choose your Color

Although pearls occur naturally in a range of colors white and cream are the most common. Many pearls, however, are given their colors artificially. 

The very word 'pearl' is synonymous with white (think pearly teeth!). White pearls look wonderful against a Cool complexion but a rich creamy pearl looks softer against a Warm undertone. 

Black pearls, or Tahitian pearls, are a unique and modern alternative. They have the same classic sheen as traditional white pearls but with added intrigue as they appear more mysterious and stand out on any wearer.

Golden South Sea pearls are among the largest, most valuable pearls produced today. The warm golden tones are completely natural, and no treatments are needed to enjoy the beauty of these luxurious gems.

3   Baroque Pearls

If the perfect spherical pearl is a bit too classic for your taste, why not try baroque pearls?

These are pearls that are not quite perfect, coming in various irregular shapes. Because each baroque pearl has its own shape and size, it has a unique vibe and a modern touch. It is non-conformist and a great way to show your personality.

A whole strand of baroque pearls can make a statement or, if you prefer minimalist design, a beautiful baroque pearl pendant or pair of studs.  

4   Pearls for the Bride

Although it has been said that pearls bring tears, in ancient cultures pearls have always represented purity and make the perfect addition to the 'white wedding'.

Wearing pearls with style on your wedding day will ensure your marriage is happy and you won't be shedding tears!

5   Pearl studs with a twist

Although a classic pearl stud is always my choice (probably much too conservative for you) you can always spruce this up. Choose a double stud or one that features a stud and a drop. This is simple but makes a statement and is a deviation from the traditional.

Pearl cuffs and ear jackets are also a great way to add some pizzazz to your look if you are so inclined! 

6   Beyond Jewelry

Maybe you like a touch of bling but you aren’t really into jewellery. Pearls are so pretty and versatile that they can be used in many different ways. You would of course use imitation pearls purely for decoration. 

A popular choice is to buy clothes that come embellished with pearls. You can find beautiful cardigans with pearl buttons, simple sweaters with pearls scattered across the front and even pearl-embellished shoes. The string of pearls adorning the handbag (below) is pretty and very unusual.   

Pearls are often used in interior design too like the photo frame below and I've incorporated pearls into my curtain tie-backs.  

Taking care of your Pearls

I am very grateful to Dani Rhys who has kindly allowed me to adapt her article above.

She also reminds us that pearls look their best when worn frequently so don't hide them away - take them out and flaunt your style!

This is a great resource for CLEANING and CARING FOR YOUR PEARLS. 

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