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Petite Apple Shape

A petite Apple shape has two lots of styling points to consider.  

An Apple Shape has good proportions with a shapely bust, slender hips and good legs and will carry any additional weight around the midriff. 

But if you're also Petite (considered to be 5ft 3" and under) you need to be equally aware of how you can elongate your silhouette at the same time.

Petite Apple shape #petite apple https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-apple-shape.html

Think proportions...

The body is 'considered' to be perfectly proportioned if it divides in half at the leg break. But we all know that there's no such thing as a 'perfect body'!

However, if clothes are cut to that kind of standard specification it helps if we know how to cope with the inevitable problems that are caused when buying 'off the peg'.

Chico's have a fabulous range of Petite clothing as do Soft Surroundings, giving you a wide of choice of styles all cut and specifically proportioned for the shorter figure. 

Petite Apple shape #petite apple https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-apple-shape.html

How to balance

The majority of shorter ladies have a torso that is longer than half the body length with shorter legs. 

Don't be over-critical of your figure but if you'd like to look taller there are simple ways to visually balance your proportions and help your legs to look a bit longer. 

In this image the legs are all the same length but you can see how easy it is to influence the eye with color. Where the color is taken right up to under the bust it appears to make the legs look longer.   

Petite Apple shape #petite apple https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-apple-shape.htmlYou can make your legs look longer using color

Style tips for a Petite Apple Shape

Everyone is different but take the basic petite style advice to elongate the silhouette. Then balance top and bottom halves for the Petite Apple Shape.

  • Draw the eye away from your midriff
  • Keep the focus high on your body
  • Fluid fabrics keep movement around your mid section
  • Avoid anything tight around the middle
  • You have great legs, enjoy shorter skirts
  • tights, shoes/boots in the same color for longer legs
Petite Apple shape #petite apple https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-apple-shape.htmlSelection from Chico's - petite styles with movement around the middle

Where to find Petite styles

Both Chicos Petite and Soft Surroundings produce a range of styles that are perfectly proportioned for the petite apple shape with:

  • shorter sleeves
  • proportioned shoulders
  • raised waistlines
  • reduced inseams and length

Dresses to flatter...

  • should fit well on the shoulders and bustline - a V neckline is flattering
  • will shape in to define the narrowest part of your body just below your bust
  • will be in a fabric that drapes and flows over your curves, no stiff fabrics
  • will elongate your figure
  • will keep the attention high on the body
  • will have the hem length in proportion and flatter your legs

Choose tops...

  • with stunning color and detail, long necklaces too to keep interest high
  • a tunic style will flare over the tummy of a petite apple shape
  • that blouse over the tummy and sit on your slim hips
  • to cover your middle but not too long so it shortens your bottom half
  • in a fluid fabric that glides over your curves
  • avoid anything too clingy, too big or shiny over your larger middle
  • avoid halter neck, cut-in shoulder line and styles that rise up in the front

Skirts and trousers...

  • keep detail to a minimum below the waist with pants or skirts
  • wear deeper colors below the waist
  • avoid tapered trousers it will shorten your legs
  • an A line skirt is flattering and works well for fuller calves
  • good jeans are rigid and good for holding in the tummy
  • match skirt, dress, trousers with hose and shoes or boots. One color elongates


  • A heavy bustline needs a well fitted bra and this will help your waist to look smaller 
  • Don't be afraid to wear Shapewear for a smoother silhouette
Petite Apple shape #petite apple https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/petite-apple-shape.html

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