Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal!

Now although I'm a lover of all things LEOPARD I do like it to be subtle!

So team a touch of animal with the fabulous tops from Covered Perfectly and they (and me) are on to a winner!

Something special to wear for the HOLIDAYS and a useful layering piece for the cold weather all rolled into one.

Time to treat yourself!

Made in the USA

Pauline Durban (a fellow Brit now in California) has created a fabulous range of tops for women of a certain age from a totally natural fabric - and they're all made in the USA.

Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal! #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis

Would you believe that this silky-soft micro-modal fabric is made from European beech wood? So it's breathable, comfortable and (as my grandson would say) I'm saving the world!

I don't know about you but I don't do 'skimpy' - I want something that covers the midriff and tummy, is roomy enough around the sleeves and I like a neckline that doesn't make me too hot.

Oh and of course I expect it to wash well and retain it's looks - not much to ask then. But the Covered Perfectly range is specially designed for women like you and me!

Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal! #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis
Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal! #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis

From the heat of the UK Summer (we actually had one this year!) I'm now starting to layer up as the weather turns cooler. This top skims the body with no bulk and it evens sits happily under a sleeveless dress with opaque tights.

All the micro-modal collection will happily take you from season to season but this 'little leopard' has already been to it's first party!

The older I get the more I rely on neutrals but it's important to have something that links your separates together. That's exactly where this little out-of-the-ordinary number wins because it gives you the opportunity to add your own special touch.

Simple Comfort Tee from Covered Perfectly 

The top selling Simple Comfort tee comes in a vast range of 13 plain colors and just 2 special ones with a trim. This fabulous tee is the most popular item in the Covered Perfectly range because it fills a gap in every wardrobe and it fits so easily.      

If the black and leopard doesn't do it for you then there's black with a flower trim.

Buy 2 get 1 FREE
and FREE shipping...

Try 1, 2 or even 3 !!!

In fact, it's a no-brainer because when you buy Covered Perfectly tops you BUY 2 and get 1 FREE.

There's FREE shipping in the US (over $47) and any worldwide shipping costs are more than outweighed by the very generous Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer.

Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal! #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis

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