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5 darn good reasons to drink more water...

Well I might drink more wine when I'm on holiday but I certainly drink much more WATER!

Drinking water alongside wine combats the effect of dehydration and makes so much sense. A smaller glass of wine topped up with lots of ice cubes has a similar effect by diluting the alcohol and reducing the amount you drink. And it's much more refreshing.

5 darn good reasons to drink more water #drink more water  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/reasons-to-drink-more-water.html

Consuming enough water is an easy habit to adopt and an even easier habit to get out of so it's a challenge I'm constantly returning to.

And I'll give you 5 darn good reasons to drink more water that will do far more than cleanse your system. You could be heathier, wealthier and probably much wiser this month alone! The main benefits are:

  • For overall BODILY FUNCTION

  • For your MENTAL HEALTH
  • To stay FIT LONGER
  • To help WEIGHT LOSS

1 Overall bodily function

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies. Although it contains no nutrients EVERY major system in our body needs water to function - brain kidneys heart and digestive tract. It must be replenished regularly. 

  • Every day we lose water through breath, sweat, urine and bowel movements.
  • Water helps the blood take oxygen and other essential nutrients around the body taking pressure off the heart.
  • Incidents of painful kidney stones are rising because many people aren't drinking enough water - even children. Salts and mineral deposits can form into kidney stones if urine is not diluted enough.
5 darn good reasons to drink more water #drink more water  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/reasons-to-drink-more-water.htmldehydrated skin
  • Insufficient water will cause Bladder / Water infections and stones can form in the urinary tract. 
  • Water is essential for digestion and transporting waste through the body. Dehydration causes the body to absorb all the water and bowel movements are delayed leaving toxins in the body. 
  • Drinking is just as essential as eating for good nutrition.
  • Children can become dehydrated more quickly than adults when suffering diarrhea and sickness, and they are more likely to need medical steps to restore fluid balance. 

2 For your mental health

  • 85% of brain tissue is water, dehydration causes both your body and mind to be stressed
  • dehydration causes headaches, confusion, tiredness and irritability
  • shock or excessive crying will increase dehydration
  • too many caffeinated drinks can exacerbate dehydration
  • one of the main reasons for drinking more water is to improve concentration

3 Stay fit for longer

  • Staying hydrated improves energy
  • Exercise makes you sweat increasing fluid loss
  • Drinking plenty of water helps prevent muscle cramps and lubricates the joints 
  • Intense exercise may result in the loss of sodium which can be helped with sports drinks
  • When you're hydrated you can continue to exercise longer and stronger
  • Fluids need to be replaced even after exercise is finished
  • Good hydration is needed all year round not just in the warmer months.
5 darn good reasons to drink more water #drink more water  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/reasons-to-drink-more-water.html

4 To look good

  • One of the main reasons to drink more water is to improve the condition of your skin
  • Drinking plenty of water hydrates and plumps up skin cells and helps to keep aging at bay.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced when you're dehydrated
  • Water alleviates constipation flushing out the toxins from your body and the impurities from your skin
  • Improved circulation and blood flow allows the skin to be clear and glowing
  • Water has been called 'Nature's own beauty cream'

5 To help weight loss

  • Drinking water will not make you lose weight but it will help to curb your appetite
  • Feeling thirsty can be confused with hunger - drink a glass of water before a meal
  • Drinking water, particularly ice cold water, will pump up the metabolism
  • Drinking water can replace calorie laden drinks
  • Can help to alleviate bloating

But how much water should you actually drink

  • At least 2 liters is normally recommended - different people may need different amounts
  • If you exercise regularly you will need more
  • Depending on the weather or the climate you live in you may need more
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women will need more

and ... How to do it

  • All drinks count towards your total - although keep the caffeine as low as possible  i.e. tea and coffee and obviously alcohol doesn't count!
  • Certain foods such as melon and spinach are about 90% water and contribute to your intake
  • If you're feeling thirsty, you're already a little dehydrated
  • Keep a glass of water at your desk in the office and work with your colleagues to encourage each other
  • It's cheap and easy, brings lots of benefits - so WHY NOT?
How to look 10 years younger - 5 darn good reasons to drink more water #drink more water  https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/reasons-to-drink-more-water.html
  • If you're at home keep a glass where you can see it
  • Keep chilled bottles ready in the fridge
  • Aim to drink water with each meal and a drink between meals; before during and after exercise
  • Make it look attractive - add lemon, lime or orange slices and a straw to a stylish glass 
  • Make pretty ice cubes with frozen mint, lemon or raspberries
  • Add sugar free cordial for flavor, use soda or tonic water for a change
  • Invest in a water filter for a better taste

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