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Health and Beauty tips for Spring

Some gentle words and timely health and beauty tips for Spring and Summer, as the weather finally allows us to look ahead!

Terry Herman, an expert and writer in the field of Health and Wellness, writes from the heart in Terry's Spa Beauty and Wellness.

She reminds us of the healthy balance between nature and our own mind, body and spirit. We're just part of the big picture and, at times, just need to stop  and 'smell the roses'!

Health and Beauty tips for Spring #springbeauty #beautytipsforspring https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/health-and-beauty-tips-for-spring.html

On the first day of Spring

"It's definitely been a harsh and wicked winter so anything that reminds me of Spring, like the birds chirping or new growth poking their cute little green heads through the nearly thawed ground, are welcome reminders of the new season.

These changes impact virtually every aspect of my life. Springtime is a time for renewal in purpose of self, so renew and enjoy all this beautiful new season has to offer."

Health and Beauty tips for Spring #springbeauty #beautytipsforspring https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/health-and-beauty-tips-for-spring.html

A more gentle regime

  • Change your skin and body care products to lighter formulations. Warming temps mean more humidity in the air so forget the serums and heavy creams, choose a light to medium-weight moisturizer. 
  • Reduce the intensity of your cleansing regime. As the weather changes so does your skin so be aware of what it's telling you particularly if it's sensitive. 
  • Chilled face toners or an essential oil-based spritzer will refresh the face and neck as temperatures heat up and humidity increases. Chilled rosewater, even the culinary type, is also a great refresher in this newly awakened Spring lifestyle.
  • As temperatures rise so does your body heat which will intensify any fragrance and could make it too cloying. So forget heavy formulations, go with lighter perfumes such as florals or greens, versus woods, ambers, musk, etc.
  • Lighter weight fabrics and colors keep the skin cooler naturally. So change weighty garments to layers of breathable fabrics, lighter-weight cotton, silk, natural fiber blends etc.
  • Use product and cosmetics with a sunscreen/SPF rating to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays.

Lighten up...

A healthy Spring lifestyle

  • Follow nature - when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, most birds and other creatures have the good sense to seek shade and avoid rigorous activity.
  • Warmer temperatures and heavy foods are more taxing on the digestive system so lighten up on the types of foods you consume and drink plenty of water to maintain both digestive and circulatory system.
  • When over-heated or flushed, slow down and don’t over stress your body.  Soak your feet in cool water, take cool showers or try rubbing ice cubes over pressure points (nape of neck, inside wrists, behind knees, temples, feet) for relief. 
  • Take leisurely walks and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  The best times for doing this are early morning or at sunset, when it’s cooler and less humid.

  • Don't forget to open those windows and let the balmy breezes and fresher air come indoor and envelope you in your new Spring lifestyle!

Health and Beauty tips for Spring #springbeauty #beautytipsforspring https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/health-and-beauty-tips-for-spring.html

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