The Popcorn Jacket - the perfect travel companion

Unexpectedly, a neutral colored cardigan called a 'Popcorn Jacket' provided the perfect travel companion on my recent holiday to Mexico.

(Not completely disregarding the husband of course!)

I usually wear a jacket to travel so I feel reasonably smart on arrival but an overnight flight meant that I needed something softer and more forgiving.

With a chilly early morning start the Popcorn jacket was light and soft but oh so snug! You can never go wrong with natural fibers of course and this little number is 75% cotton.

Whether it was pushed unceremoniously into my bag or used as a pillow - the Popcorn emerged looking considerably fresher than I did next morning.    

Although I'd chosen plain ivory so it could team with everything, this jacket turned out to be so much more. I'd actually missed the delicate lacy design!

Covered Perfectly - tops for the mature woman

From denim to lace...

Like many of you, the base of my wardrobe has many different neutrals.

This delicately shady and lacy design (I think this is the popcorn pattern) happily tones with black, white, grey, blue and even denim.

More than just a travel companion, it provided a pretty and lightweight coverup for the evening too as it was versatile enough to work with denim, linen and even lace. 

Exactly the mix and match-ability I need from my clothes!

From one climate to another...

Covered Perfectly - tops for the mature woman
Covered Perfectly - tops for the mature woman

I always add a warm blanket wrap for the drive to and from the airport - bridging the inevitable climate change we have to face when we leave the UK looking for sunshine and, of course, an additional overnight comfort factor.

Fortunately, I neither want nor need an enormous wardrobe and I feel most at home when wearing classic basics.

So when I find an item that's comfortable and as versatile as the Popcorn jacket which proved itself ready to be dressed up or down in any climate, then I feel I've hit the jackpot. 

The Popcorn jacket just as easy with a dress...

This jacket was kindly gifted to me by Pauline Durban the creator of Covered Perfectly, to review for your pleasure. 

This range of cleverly cut separates, made in the USA, is specially designed to flatter the mature woman. 

You've seen me wearing them before here and they wash and wear brilliantly long term. 

You'll find longer length tunics to cover the tummy and 3/4 length sleeves to cover the arms and all are made in soft-to-the-touch fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. 

And if that weren't enough you can BUY 2 tops and get the third item absolutely FREE!

Shipping is FREE on orders over $47 in the US and returns are FREE in the US too - offering you a no risk shopping experience. 

What have you got to lose?

Covered Perfectly - tops for the mature woman

I am in affiliate for Covered Perfectly but all opinions are my own.

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