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The Best Mascara for your lashes
How to choose...

Do you know how to choose the best mascara for your eyelashes? Or are you a bit like me - think that there is very little difference between all the brands and allow yourself to be easily swayed by a special offer!

Well, never again - because I've just found out more about eyelashes and how to dress them than I ever dreamed possible!

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The best mascara is the right one for YOU! 

Of course there is a difference in the texture and makeup of different mascaras and we develop our favorites but, there is no doubt, that the most important choice is the type of wand you choose.

There are 5 different sorts of brush or wand and each one is specifically designed for a different sort of lash!

So it's not about choosing the best but whatever is the best for YOU and the effect you want to achieve. I learned so much from watching a demonstration recently that I wanted to share it with you.

Check out at the bottom of the page how to apply for the best effect.

Comb wands for short or sparse lashes

  • because every single lash is coated to look more full
  • evenly spread bristles can be used like a comb
  • this sort of comb wand adds length not volume
  • it won't leave clumps of mascara, each lash is clearly separated and defined
  • and they are great for a natural look    

Curved wand for lift and curl

  • so they are perfect for poker straight lashes
  • the curved wand is thicker at the base than at the end
  • so more product is applied to the end of the lashes
  • this enables more 'feline flick' at the end
  • by wiggling the curved wand you can ensure that you coat every lash which helps to lift the lashes

Big tapered wand for thick eyelashes

  • they are great for adding a dramatic look
  • they will add length and volume
  • perfect for arranging each individual lash
  • this is not the best mascara for short lashes as the wand is too large to cope
  • apply in short quick wiggle motions to thoroughly coat lashes

Straight wands for ease of use

  • perfect for those who are new to mascara
  • very easy, no technique needed at all
  • they are versatile and tiltable
  • a straight wand provides a natural looking volume and length
  • you can apply across, underneath or just on the ends of your lashes

Bottom lash mascara for precision

  • a special bottom lash mascara allows you to be precise
  • they have a tiny brush for accuracy
  • apply in short precise strokes all along the bottom lashline
  • it can be applied to top lashes also and will help to separate

Get the best flutter to flatter...

As long as you're applying it properly, there are very few women who can't wear and look good in black mascara. But for a special occasion when a few tears are expected have your eyelashes dyed and choose a clear mascara.   

So once you've found the best mascara for your lashes, make sure you're applying it properly. Stuck together eyelashes look awful and will always ruin the effect of your makeup!

If you really want to look the biz don't skip the Eyelash Curlers before you begin your eye makeup.

1 Check the expiry date. Once your mascara is 6 months old it's best to discard. Bacteria can set in and it will undoubtedly have become gloopy.

2 Make sure your lashes are completely clear of old makeup. 

3 Curl your lashes before mascara - doing it afterwards won't allow the lashes to hold a curl and can cause them to break. This eyelash curler and comb combined ensures that you're separating at the same time.

4 Then apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara. 

5 Don't over apply and wipe the mouth of the mascara tube if it gets lumpy.

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