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Wide leg pants

I love wide leg pants at any time of the year but they are a MUST for me in the Summer! 

Whether you're at home, at work or on vacation, a pair of loose pants do a great cover-up job and they're bang on trend. Extremely flattering and oh so comfy! 

If you want to cover up a little but still enjoy the sunshine, then this is the way to cool elegance. More than that, wide leg pants cover up a multitude of sins!

Wide leg pants #widelegpants https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wide-leg-pants.html

Wide leg pants do a great cover-up job!

Wide leg pants are my choice year round because, as a petite pear my legs look so much shorter in anything skinny! 

I'm wearing the Wide leg palm print trousers from Roman Originals, a favorite brand of mins and they are much more than I would have expected. 

A back elasticated waistband provides comfort allowing the front and the good sized pockets to lay flat, while the tie-belt effectively hides any problem in the tummy area. 

I've been wearing these for well over a year now and have found them easy to style throughout the seasons.  

Not just a silky lightweight, there's an oatmeal slub running through the fabric adding weight and texture which takes away the 'purely vacation' vibe! This is a great pair of pants to dress up and they are still available at the budget price of just £28. 

Want to cover up a little?

Look below at all the amazing ways wide legs can help you to look and feel more attractive when an ordinary pair of pants would be too heavy. 

  • Unable to wear feminine shoes? Hide them elegantly beneath palazzo pants of a similar color to minimize
  • Varicose veins? Stay confident, cool and comfortable
  • Just don't like your legs? Look and feel beautiful when they're covered

  • Everyone's wearing shorts? Ramp up the glamor with a light and fluid wide leg

Figure problems?

  • Top heavy? Extra volume in your bottom half can help to balance the figure
  • Keep it slim? Ensure there's no excess fabric on the hips and they fall straight
  • Petite? Straight lines will lengthen your legs, match pants to shoes

How to style wide leg pants all year round

I like my clothes to be versatile and these wide leg pants are no exception.

This is the way I will style them through the seasons to really earn their keep. 

Wide leg pants #widelegpants https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wide-leg-pants.html

All garments from Roman Originals

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