Wide leg pants do a great cover-up job!

Wide leg pants are always elegant and do a great cover-up job.. and they're bang on trend.

  • top heavy? balance your figure
  • thin legs or fat legs? cover them up
  • can't wear attractive shoes? hide them
  • want to feel elegant? keep them wide
  • warm climate? keep them light and floaty
  • want to look taller? keep them dark
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Wide leg pants are the answer?

  • Show off slim hips and thighs with a fluid fabric and lighter colors
  • Minimize your top half with a fabric that drapes and vertical detail, e.g. V necks, buttons or pleats
  • Avoid unnecessary detail such as pockets at bust level which will add volume in the wrong place

Want to hide your legs and feet?

  • Wide leg pants are elegant for a smart occasion where ordinary trousers would be too tailored
  • Wear beautifully soft and fluid silk pants for a glamorous party look
  • Find it difficult to wear feminine and attractive shoes? you can hide them elegantly under longer pants
  • If you're in a warm climate and everyone else appears to be in shorts - you can keep cool by choosing a lightweight and fluid fabric in a natural and breathable material
  • Match shoes to trouser color if you want to minimize feet or make legs look longer

Petites wear wide leg pants to lengthen the leg

  • Keep them wide but a bit straighter
  • A centre crease or vertical stripes accentuate the length
  • Always keep them long over your shoes
  • A high waist lengthens the bottom half of your body
  • Match shoes to your pants to lengthen even more
  • Wear all one color top to toe

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