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Purple Peek-a-Boo

The PURPLE PEEK-A-BOOK may not actually be 'very peri', the color of the year and a much more gentle tone, but who cares I love PURPLE!

And what could be more useful than a versatile top in a very versatile color! 

Purple Peek-a-Boo top #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #splitsleeve #veryperi https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/purple-peek-a-boo.html

I'm not suggesting that Dolly Parton is wearing the Covered Perfectly purple Peek-a-Boo top in her video below, but what a feisty lady she is! I copied this and wore mine to my next Covid jab - with lots of positive comments! 

Natural fibre

I love these natural fibre tops particularly this one with the sassy split sleeves. Not only is it a bit different, but it's the perfect shape for hiding a tummy or a muffin top.  And the stunning violet makes it pretty enough for a party with lots of compliments. 

Casual enough for drinks and low-key get-togethers, there's something a little bit special about the clever twist sleeves which, as Covered Perfectly say, take it 'from simple to spicy!'

I'd never really considered wearing this top in the warmer months but am so pleased I decided to pop it into my suitcase for my holiday in Mauritius.

Purple Peek-a-Boo top #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #splitsleeve #veryperi https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/purple-peek-a-boo.html

The purple Peek-a-Boo works for every season...

Violet is a great choice as it's one of the Universal colors and suits just about everyone.

This is perhaps a slightly more sophisticated (read 'mature') version of a 'cold shoulder' top and, without showing too much flesh, it retains a youthful feel.  

The purple Peek-a-boo has certainly earned it's keep in my wardrobe as it teams easily with skirts, pants, jeans and even tucked smoothly into a wide legged velvet pants suit.

Purple Peek-a-Boo top #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #splitsleeve #veryperi https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/purple-peek-a-boo.html
Purple Peek-a-Boo top #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #splitsleeve #veryperi https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/purple-peek-a-boo.html

I fell in love with it all over again when I teamed it with white cutoffs - loving the high contrast of violet and white.

Even in the tropics there are times when you need a little more than a sundress, and the Covered Perfect micro-modal fabric, often called 'the softest fabric in the world', provides the most delicate touch of cover.

The 100% natural fibre (made from European beech trees) allows the skin to breathe naturally even in the humidity of the tropics.

As this photo was taken towards the end of my trip you can be assured that the flowing A-line hides a multitude of sins around the midriff/tummy area - a real bonus!

The purple Peek-a-Book top was kindly gifted to me by Pauline Durban, the creator of Covered Perfectly, to review for your pleasure over a year ago now.  

So I speak from the heart when I say 'thank you Pauline, it wears well, it washes well, it works for every season and it's earned it's place in my wardrobe'.

Take a look at the Covered Perfectly range, they're all cleverly cut and designed to complement the figures of 'women over 40' - and far beyond!

Purple Peek-a-Boo top #coveredperfectly #coloranalysis #splitsleeve #veryperi https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/purple-peek-a-boo.html

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