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Style Confidence Quiz

The Style Confidence quiz is designed for your eyes only!

Style isn't just about appearance but being confident in yourself as a woman - valuing and appreciating who you are. Positive self esteem makes you feel healthier and look more attractive. Low self esteem pulls you down both mentally and physically.

Just how much do you really know about yourself?

The more you know the more confident you'll feel. Style is Confidence! The two work hand in hand!

Every section in this website allows you to listen to and read what your BODY TALK is telling you. Your coloring, your shape, your personality all emanate from inside and reveal the 'REAL YOU'.

All this information works together to show you how to make the most and the best of yourself. More especially once you appreciate the positive things you have going for you you will value yourself more.

Where do you need a boost?

Where would you like that extra 'bite' of confidence - no-one else knows where you need a boost - only YOU!

So take the Style Confidence quiz and find out just how much you actually know about yourself and where you need a few more answers. 

What you know and what you want to know!


  • Do you face day-to-day life with confidence? 
  • Do you enjoy and welcome the opportunity to meet new people?
  • Find 3 really positive words to describe yourself…
  • Failing a little here? Then take one positive step towards valuing yourself more.


  • Are you satisfied with your general personal presentation?
  • Do you feel well groomed or sometimes let yourself down?


  • Do you know the colors that work for you and those that don’t?
  • Do you know your Color Family? You could be Tonal or Seasonal…
  • Have you understood the information in this section? Is your natural coloring easy to identify? If not, you might like some help - find all the Color and Image Online Services.   


  • Do you wear makeup confidently?…
  • If not, is there a reason? Perhaps you could try again or ask a friend for help or look at my makeup tutorial?

  • If you know your best Colors, do you understood how color translates into Warm skin or Cool skin for hair and makeup shades?

5   FIND YOUR BODY TYPE – it's just bone structure nothing to do with weight.

  • Is your Hip Structure Curved or Straight
  • What is your Body Type?
  • Hourglass
  • Triangle / pear shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Inverted triangle / top heavy
  • Apple shape
  • Do you understand how to fit your Body Type?


  • We all have figure variations, have you found the answer to solve your problem spot? 
  • Your own figure, your own body shape will give you all the answers
  • Having a problem? Contact Me and I'll try to help. 
Listen to your body talk


Ready to pull it altogether? Does your wardrobe work for your lifestyle and are you happy with your look!


This is where you bring together all the information you've discovered about yourself and what your body is telling you. Can you answer all these questions?

  • I know my COLOR FAMILY is…

  • I know my BODY SHAPE is…
  • I know my STYLE PERSONALITY is…
  • Do you have an idea of the way you’d like to look!
  • Have you de-cluttered your wardrobe / closet…
  • Have you identified the best neutrals to work for you…
  • Do you know what you need to make your wardrobe work even if you have to wait…
  • You know so much more about yourself – so how’s your confidence NOW?

I hope you’ve found this fun and informative. The website is still growing and, undoubtedly, there will be gaps in the information you’re looking for. Feel free to use the Contact Me form at any time and I’ll try my best to answer you.

Use these questions for inspiration only - make it work for YOU!   

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