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Dress for the Office Party!

DRESS for the OFFICE PARTY with just a little care so you can look forward to and really enjoy this annual event. But with just a few cautionary notes thrown in!

A big thank you to my friend and colleague Ann Reinton who has allowed me to adapt parts of her article 'Office Party Etiquette'. 

Ann is the creator of My Private Stylist, the innovative personal online styling program. This is a visual program which analyzes your unique body shape and individually tailors advice - whatever your age, shape or size. 

How to dress for the office party! 

As Christmas approaches office parties are in full swing and many minds are on what to wear for the most fun event of the office year.

It will take more than just a cute dress to impress this crowd; it’s all about looking chic without losing sight of the fact that the people you’re about to party and drink with are still your colleagues and those who hold your future in their hands may be among that crowd.

How you dress for the office party and how you conduct yourself at events like this are seen as glimpses of the ‘real’ you. Indiscretions at this time of year can follow you well into next year. 

Office Party DO’s

  • Dress and behave like your boss is in the room. You may or may not see your boss but you should always be prepared for that scenario.
  • Amp up your beauty look. No time for a complete party makeover then add more makeup and style your hair attractively. 
  • Leave your huge work tote in your cubicle. Put some essentials into a chic clutch - a simple purse swap can dramatically transform your look.
  • Red or jewel tones are perfect holiday dressing. Embrace this tradition and enjoy making a splash. 
  • Switch your sensible work pumps for more fun party heels, again within the bounds of elegant taste. 
  • Liven up your suit. If you generally wear a suit, switch out your office blouse with something more festive. 
  • Exchange your work jewelry and replace it with something that makes a little more of a statement. You should still look classy and polished.
  • Don a statement jacket. Change that prim office blazer for something more fun, an embellished jacket or add some sparkle.  
  • Consider a more colorful ensemble – dress for the office party ready for fun, just remember ‘appropriateness’ is still the order of the day.

Office Party Don'ts

  • Don’t get drunk at the office party. Have a few drinks socially and know when to say no.

  • Don’t wear anything too revealing. Only choose to bare skin either on your décolletage or your hemline, never both at once.  
  • Don’t go over the top with garish jewelry or kooky accessories.
  • Don’t apply heavy makeup if it's really not you!  
  • Wear proper underwear. Visible bra straps and panty lines are poor form. 
  • Don’t wear anything too tight. You need to feel comfortable when you dress for the office party. 
  • Don’t do anything with colleagues you wouldn’t do during office hours.

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