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Organize your Wardrobe

You know it's time...

You know it's time to organize your wardrobe when...

  • you've got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear
  • your clothes need pressing when you take them out
  • you're choosing to wear the same clothes over and over again
  • getting dressed is always a panic to find an outfit
  • you can't find what you're looking for
Organize your wardrobe - time for a tidy up! #wardrobeorganization #closetcare https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/organize-your-wardrobe.html

Anytime is a good time...

An out-of-control wardrobe can be worrying particularly if you have a busy life. If you can't see it, you can't wear it. If you can't find it, you're wasting time every morning.

The start of a new month, a new season or a New Year - anytime is a good time to have a sort out and a tidy up!

Unearth a scarf you haven't worn in a while; find a new color combination; and of course add in the odd sale buy to give you a boost!

Why wouldn't you want to make your life easier? Organize your wardrobe so you can:

  • See exactly what you've got
  • Unearth items you've forgotten about
  • Gain a sense of being in control

Whether your closet is large or small..

Whether you're a big spender or on a budget - sorting out, tidying up and generally beautifying what you've got can make it a pleasure to visit your wardrobe every morning.

Anything that makes your life smoother and easier benefits everyone, and fashion has very little to do with it!

Make extra space

  • Make space by removing clothes from another season and special occasion rarely worn items - pack away if necessary
  • A set of hanging shelves will make extra space for folded knitwear or accessories
  • Invest in a set of matching hangers, everything will hang more neatly and it will give you enormous pleasure to see them!
  • Hang clothes by type - shirts, tops, pants, suits, dresses, coats
  • All your day-to-day clothes should be in the middle and visible
  • Try to find space so that all accessories are visible; a pretty storage unit like this perhaps

Can't see it, can't wear it!

Whether your wardrobe space is large or small, having a good tidy-up makes everything more workable. You'll be ready to take it a stage further for the next new season.  

It's far better to have a few items that you can see and use than a huge amount of clothes that you can't even find.

I'm not necessarily advocating getting rid of stuff at this stage, but if you know there's something that you really won't wear again do please consider selling or re-cycling. It takes a minute to make the decision and everyone benefits. 

Did it just sort of happen?

Unfortunately, like most women, your wardrobe has probably 'happened' rather than been 'put together'. You've probably bought a jacket here, a top there, something else that caught your eye, and rarely have you ever thought about the overall picture.

Organize your wardrobe and you'll begin to see the gaps which are stopping you putting an outfit together.

Once you tidy and organize your wardrobe you're half way towards a complete Closet Makeover.

Organize your wardrobe to save TIME and MONEY

Organize your wardrobe - time for a tidy up! #wardrobeorganization #closetcare https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/organize-your-wardrobe.html

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a splendid walk-in closet, but you can have a tidy closet!

You may think that editing and getting rid of wardrobe items is going to be expensive but things you don't wear are merely confusing the issue.

Clever and tidy storage makes every item visible and accessible. I've recently started hanging up my scarves - now I can see them all and no creases! 

Closets (a bit like life!) are rarely perfect but they can improve immeasurably with just one or two small changes. 

You don't need an expansive and expensive wardrobe. A few items that fit and flatter you are worth far more than lots of clothes that do nothing for you.

Ready to move forward?

Then it's time to be your own Wardrobe Consultant.

The first step is to sort out redundant items; those you don't like, don't fit and don't do you justice. What's left are the clothes you love and those that love you! 

You'll learn to be more fussy and only buy if 'You need it badly, and Love it madly!'

When you only buy clothes that suit you and fit you, you'll soon build a small collection of garments that work perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

If it doesn't qualify then it isn't worth spending your hard earned money!

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