How to wear Sunscreen with Makeup?


It's important to be safe in the sun and protect your skin but perhaps, like me, you like to wear your sunscreen with makeup to improve the appearance. 

Two reasons here - my skin is not as young as it was (under statement) and I'm naturally very fair. So although makeup isn't necessarily essential it does make me feel better - no other reason needed! 

Although we're frequently told that we need to protect our skin every day, you rarely hear the correct way to apply sunscreen and makeup together. 

Like everything else, it's about getting into good habits and knowing the most suitable products to use.


How to wear sunscreen with makeup #sun care

Sunscreen must come first...

  • Sunscreen - after cleansing your face apply sunscreen - an SPF factor of 30 or higher is advised. Factor 50 is best on your face and you're set to go.
  • Moisturizer - wait 15-20 minutes to allow the sunscreen to take effect before applying moisturizer. 
  • Foundation - wait a few minutes before applying to avoid slippage. To lighten your foundation you may choose to mix it together with a tinted BB cream.  

Moisturizers with SPF factor...

are not enough protection on their own but will give additional support to your sun protection. Apply sunscreen first and wait for about 20 minutes before applying your chosen moisturizer.

How to wear sunscreen with makeup #sun care

Foundations with SPF factor...

are not enough protection on their own but will give additional support to your sun protection. Mineral makeups in particular are said to be helpful as the powder is likely to cover any thinly protected spots. 

Looking for a protective foundation? I've found that there's plenty of choice across major brands and at every price level.

Is SPF factor makeup enough in itself?

  • NO! One important reason is that the coverage using makeup with SPF varies according to how it is formulated and how it's applied and therefore might not be as effective (according to Dr Paul Friedman, MD, Director of the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center, Houston, Texas)

What protection for sunscreen with makeup

  • NO! Although Mineral makeup with SPF is reputed to enhance your protection if layered over a sunscreen as it will probably cover any spots you've missed.
  • You're only protected by the highest SPF e.g. if you apply sunscreen SPF 30 and foundation SPF 15 you are protected with 30. (according to Dr Leslie Baumann, MD, Director of the Cosmetic Dermatology division, Miller School of Medicine)

And how to touch it up...

If you're in the sun all day long then you will need to up your protection, preferably without removing your makeup.

Brushon Block is the perfect answer; a powder touchup that's convenient and portable. It goes on clear without any greasy residue. 

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