What are YOUR Wardrobe Essentials?

Your Wardrobe Essentials are the practical and functional staple items that form the backbone of your wardrobe; timeless classic pieces that will fit and flatter your shape and coloring. But they won't necessarily be the same as everyone else's!

We all need a mix of pants, skirts, basic tops and perhaps a dress so that we can create mix and match outfits to take us from season to season. BUT your lifestyle and my lifestyle may be completely different and therefore so are the essential parts of our wardrobes.   

'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance!'
Coco Chanel

What are your Wardrobe Essentials? #wardrobeessentials #capsulewardrobe https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wardrobe-essentials.html

Are these YOUR Wardrobe Essentials?

  • You will frequently see a suggested list of Wardrobe Essentials that will simplify your closet - that no woman should be without!
  • Neutral colors don't change with fashion so neutral basics provide the backbone of an outfit for every season. Fashion colors change frequently and can be added as cheaper 'link' items to ring the changes.
  • white button-down shirt
  • white t-shirt
  • grey t-shirt
  • black tank
  • neutral toned crew neck sweater
  • neutral toned cardigan
  • blazer
  • black pants
  • straight leg dark jeans
  • pencil skirt
  • little black or neutral dress
  • trenchcoat etc. 

The perfect list but consider it flexible...

  • A perfect list for us all but the descriptions should be considered flexible so you can choose garments that are appropriate for YOUR wardrobe essentials!

  • A home-based woman will have different needs to a professional woman or a retired lady who likes to socialize. A different style is needed to work for each lifestyle.   
  • Neutral colors are always suggested BUT not if it not's right for YOUR lifetyle. 

Interpreting YOUR Wardrobe Essentials

So although we all need them, your wardrobe essentials can be interpreted to suit YOU! I've selected a version of a coat, a white shirt and black pants that are suitable for the 3 different lifestyles. All classic but with a twist!  

The home-based woman does not have to adhere to a dress code and so can have fun with a metallic coat over jeans and a more casual top. She's ready for the school run, local errands or can dress up a little for a Zoom call. 

The professional woman needs a more stylishly classic look so I've chosen a streamlined pant with a quality white cotton shirt. The trenchcoat is a fashion staple warm enough for a commute and big enough to top a jacket. 

The retired woman takes a more leisurely and smart casual approach. The white blouse and pants have a less rigid cut to fit a softer body shape and she ignores conventional neutrals in favor of a bright red coat. All chosen and worn for comfort.    

What are your Wardrobe Essentials? #wardrobeessentials #capsulewardrobe https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wardrobe-essentials.html

Neutral colors can come to life!

There are probably far more neutral colors than you imagine and they don't have to be boring!

  • white
  • ivory or cream
  • beige, taupe
  • brown, bronze
  • all shades of navy
  • all shades of grey
  • burgundy, aubergine
  • olive green
  • charcoal and black

BUT a few 'link' items can quickly add color and bring them to life.

Although you usually see this type of wardrobe plan for the Corporate market, it doesn't have to be formal. The styles and colors in my Capsule Wardrobe on a budget can be adjusted to suit any taste, budget or lifestyle.

5 advantages of simplifying your wardrobe. You will...

1.  Feel more confident

With tried and trusted outfits always at your fingertips, you'll feel far more confident and in control. Your collection of garments are chosen to make you look good and work for your lifestyle, no-one else!

2.  Avoid frustration and panic

De-cluttering your closet is like de-cluttering your mind. I've got 'nothing to wear' is a negative approach - now it's time to go forward. An organized collection of clothes will save you frustration in the morning and you won't panic at an unexpected invitation. 

3.  Save time and money

Choose classic pieces in neutral colors so your look won't date. Select only shapes and styles that flatter you and you enjoy wearing - and you'll avoid unnecessary mistakes which are a waste of money.

4.  Buy fewer but better

Aim towards buying fewer but better quality garments to form the backbone of your wardrobe. If you buy the best you can afford, the quality will be obvious in the fabric and the cut; and the garment will retain it's good looks over a longer wear period. This will be far more economical than a wardrobe stuffed with lots of clothes but 'nothing to wear'!

5.  Shop with confidence

When you know your Wardrobe Essentials make you look good, you can add to this mix with confidence introducing color and your own style. 

Shop Your Wardrobe Essentials

Capsule Work Wardrobe?

Take 9 Wardrobe Essentials and make them work for a whole month...

What are your Wardrobe Essentials? #wardrobeessentials #capsulewardrobe https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wardrobe-essentials.html

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