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Hygge Style

Hygge Style! Or let's pronounce it correctly 'hoo-ga' to rhyme with cougar!

There's not really an easy translation for this Danish word but it's thought that it may have the same meaning as the word 'to hug'. In any case it encapsulates and 'embraces' an entire way of life celebrating the joy of simple pleasures based around home and family.

Although hygge style is part of Danish culture year round it's Winter when the Brits, in particular, are well on the way to capturing the same cosyness and warmth in our own homes and our hearts!

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Hygge style at home

Hygge style is basically an interior decor creating a calm and peaceful ambiance in a simplistic way BUT with cosy vibes. 

Although the English haven't entirely adopted the pale neutral palette and minimalism of Scandinavia in our home decor yet, we do experience cold winters and equally enjoy a warm and comfortable homebase for family and friends to gather. 

Over the last two years home-baking and hobbies have been on the increase and they've been found to help promote a feeling of well-being and contentment during troubled times.

Hygge style #hyggestyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hygge-style.html

5 ways to Hygge Style

1 Neutral and natural

A happy hygge home is achieved with a neutral color scheme which never overwhelms with clutter which, it is said, will eminate a feeling of harmony and peace.

But within that peaceful space you will layer comfort and cosiness to create an environment of warmth and conviviality where everyone feels they belong and are welcomed with a hug. 

January and February are the perfect months to shut out the cold and up your hygge style. 

2 Comfort

Comfort and cosiness abounds in the hygge home, with soft comforters and blankets, fluffy pillows and warm socks ready to curl up in a hygge krog (a sort of little nook) with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate to hand. A comfy sofa will do just as well!

A velour tracksuit or lounge pyjamas set the scene for at-home elegance and you need a warm snuggly robe or woolly knit to pop on when you fetch the hot soup and home baking that waits in the kitchen. 

3 Candles and lighting 

Ignore artificial light where you can, the gentle glow of candles creating pools of light is a given. Forego a heavily perfumed candle and aim for simplicity whether for romance or just a relaxing bath. 

The gentle wash of salt lights with small twinkling lights for highlight work too; they both they create a softer light with no harsh glow and a perfect hygge atmosphere in any room.  

4 Fireplace 

Sitting around an open log fire on a fluffy rug is part of both Danish and British culture and is probably one of the most hygge like features for both heat and emotional warmth in the home.   

Home based activities; toasting marshmallows and English crumpets with hot drinks or a glass of mulled wine while you play board games is far more hygge style than hosting a dinner party.   

Hygge style #hyggestyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/hygge-style.html

5 Texture 

Hygge is not just about how things look it's how they feel. Texture is a vital element that softens, adds interest and nature to a neutral color scheme. Tactile elements of wood and wicker, macrame or tapestry projects on the wall with fabrics like fur and velvet for cushions.   

Hang warm thickly lined curtains to keep out the cold but bring the outside in with dried flowers and green plants to introduce life and growth while maintaining simplicity.  

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