Wardrobe Planning? time to look ahead!

Wardrobe Planning - sounds daunting but you'll gain confidence with every step! 

Whatever the current state of your wardrobe and however you've managed it in the past, you now have the opportunity, by following my step-by-step guide, to completely re-vamp the way you think and the way your wardrobe works.

Wardrobe planning? time to take control #wardrobe planning https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wardrobe-planning.html

More organized more confident

and you'll certainly save lots of time. You'll look and feel more attractive as you discover how to make your clothes work for you.

Before you take the first step towards Wardrobe planning you need to know what you want to achieve.

How will all this organization help you. So ask yourself...

Why you need to plan?

  • You've got nothing to wear!
  • You want to look and feel more attractive
  • You want to save time in the morning
  • You want to feel 'properly put together'
  • You can't afford to waste money
  • A special occasion makes you panic

and what it will do for you?

  • you will see exactly what you've got
  • You need to sort out what suits you
  • Organizing will streamline your routine
  • You'll find accessories to make an outfit
  • Planning saves you TIME and MONEY!
  • Planning means you're never caught out!

Wardrobe Planning? Let your imagination have free rein...

When it comes to the initial stage of Wardrobe Planning, you need to let your instincts have full rein. Don't even think about budgets at the moment. But...if money was no object, how would you like to look? How would you like to feel? what's your ideal look to turn up at the office? What sort of impression would you like to make at the school gate? Again, it all depends on your lifestyle!

Made your fashion collage?

If you haven't made a Fashion Collage yet this is the time to do it. Play and enjoy, it's just to get the feel for the sort of look you'd enjoy. What you produce will help you to decide on the Style Personality that you feel most drawn to.

Create a set on Polyvore or Pinterest of the styles you instinctively feel drawn towards. Or even do it the old fashioned way and cut pictures out of a magazine or catalogue. 

The collage to the left may not be your choice - but the more pictures you choose the more you will see your own taste developing.

Know your Colors and Know your Body Type

If you've looked at Colors and Body Shapes you probably have a good idea by now about what will suit your figure and natural colorings. You should also begin to trust in yourself and in your own judgement. Remember, no-one else knows how you want to LOOK and FEEL - only YOU!

It sounds almost too easy but building a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle is just about having a small collection of clothes that work for your every day life.  But to feel good you want them to fit you properly and flatter you. Your style instinctively follows your own taste, what makes you feel good about yourself and fits in with your every day activities. 

If you don't feel confident about your own Colors and Shapes - check out...

  • the colors that suit your natural coloring and the shades you feel happy with.

You can even check out the Style Analysis quiz to see where your existing wardrobe is letting you down! 

Even if you don't know everything about Color and Shape, you can still follow the step-by-step guide to sorting out your wardrobe, just be honest when you ask yourself whether something really flatters you or not!

Space is at a premium for most of us and although few of us are in the position to build a brand new closet, we can all manage something simple and neat even if you have only one straight rail! It's all to do with tidying, sorting and organizing.

A sensible Closet Makeover

No need to feel nervous because you're the one in control.  Not a bossy Image Consultant in sight!!  Perhaps you're a 'just in case' hoarder like me! 

Time to be your own Wardrobe Consultant...

When you're ready follow my easy step by step guideline to be your own Wardrobe Consultant.

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