Casual to Party wear real fast!

Guest post from Claire Kennedy of Sewing Artistry

Generally laid back and like your comfort but feel the need to take your usual look from casual to party?

Whether you're celebrating at home this year, visiting family or just meeting friends straight from the office it's easy to crank up your style a notch with just a few simple accessories.   

I've got some tips from a real expert - Claire Kennedy of Sewing Artistry - who offers her brilliant ideas on how to take plain to fancy - real fast!

Claire is an expert in sewing, fashion and design and teaches her very logical and straightforward methods both in person and online.

If you want to really learn about 'fit' or anything to do with creating your own 'couture' check out Sewing Artistry.

Casual to party - real fast #partywear

Casual to Party - Plain to fancy - real fast!

1  The LBD

My favorite of all the transitional looks is the Little Black dress. Wear it with a tailored jacket to the office and you look totally appropriate; take off the jacket, add a glamorous scarf and you're all set. If your scarves have a tendency to fall off pin it in place. I like to pin up high on the left side, catching in your bra strap, and it won't move all night.

Another version of this is merely to take off your jacket and treat yourself to a glitzy necklace and/or earrings for the same effect.

2  Changing out a co-ordinate

Wearing separates is so freeing - you can wear a classic top and bottom to work (skirt or pants) then exchange the top for a glitzy piece or a bright seasonal color. Choose a classic or more on-trend top - this year it's red, burgundy or a sumptuous velvet.  

Alternatively, you could just add a sparkly cardigan or jacket over the classics. 

3  Classic white shirt

A classic white shirt goes with it as a longer top with pants. If it's long enough wear with leggings; remember leggings are not pants and require longer tops. Dress up with festive shiny jewelry, a special belt or a beautiful velvet vest and voila, you are ready for an evening out.

4  Soften your look

It's easy to change out a work top for one that's frilly or softer and show a little more skin. This always sets a more festive and party feeling to an outfit.

5  Add jewelry

Visit your local department store to do a Chanel-type search - longer chains with pearls; chokers (the older we get the clunkier we can get) and earrings that shine and are long. 

Whatever you do keep all your jewelry in proportion and follow style - that means if you elect to have a more demure necklace don't do chandelier earrings. If you have a clunky necklace go just as bold with the earrings (and I like clunky bracelets with this look too).  Allow your jewelry to balance.

6  Accessories 

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories - changing from the classic pump at work (or errand-running) to a great pair of red or other brightly-jewel-toned shoe (or even leopard skin) is a great way to dress up an outfit.

This goes for scarves and belts too and a change in purses even is a great way to change out an outfit from casual to party-time.

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