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How to survive the Office Party!

Wondering how you'll survive the office party? It's that time of year again and it's easy to run away put your head down and try to avoid it altogether.

Whatever your reason for wanting to avoid the event of the year, there are ways to cope.

So if you're...

  • shy and retiring
  • averse to parties in general
  • hate your work colleagues
  • don't know how to dress
  • younger/older than the others
  • hate alcohol
  • frightened you'll drink too much
  • worried about being on your own

...you're in the right place!

Keep it brief - but do it with style

  • Speak briefly to the host in advance and say that you'd love to come but already have a family occasion arranged. Pop in for an hour if that's acceptable.
  • If dinner is planned drop in for just one drink, set your time limits and have your escape route planned to exit graciously.
  • If partners are included in the invitations and you're unattached find a colleague in the same position. 
  • Plan your outfit hair and makeup in advance, not over the top but whatever makes you feel and look your best.
How to survive the office Christmas party #office Christmas party https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/the-office-christmas-party.html
  • You'll survive the office party if you look and feel good about yourself. Keep it simple - plain pants with a pretty top or just add a dressy top to a plain suit. 
  • Decide in advance what and how much you'll drink - if you're driving you've got the obvious reason for no alcohol.
  • Make a point of praising whoever is making the arrangements.  

How to do it

  • Be prepared for basic questions about your social life, family etc. and plan your reply.
  • Avoid office gossip - smile politely and say 'work's not on the agenda tonight'
  • People love to talk about themselves so be the one to ask the questions. 
  • Ask about Christmas or Holidays and just listen!
  • Greet your host, accept the drink of your choice and decide to enjoy yourself for a short while.
  • Watch the clock, make your thanks and leave on time. 

How NOT to do it

If you're persuaded to stay, be aware that you're with the boss and colleagues you will face the next day. Unfortunately, you will be judged on your behaviour.   

  • Keep alcohol firmly under control
  • Don't pile your plate too high with food
  • Avoid the office lothario at all costs
  • Don't dress too casually
  • Avoid anything too tight, too short or too plunging 
  • Avoid too much makeup, jewelry or perfume
  • Avoid office gossip you can find yourself being mis-quoted...
  • Don't do anything that you won't be proud of the next day!
How to survive the office Christmas party #office Christmas party https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/the-office-christmas-party.html

Plan, plan, plan ahead - you might even enjoy it!

If you plan ahead and survive the office party, give yourself a pat on the back. Your attendance will be noticed and will certainly have earned you Brownie points and renewed respect in the New Year!

You might even have enjoyed it! 

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