Winter Coats for Spring coloring

Find yourself stuck when you're looking for Winter coats for Spring coloring?

When you've exhausted the beige and the camel; the winter white just isn't practical and the black is taboo - where do you look next?

This is just the problem one reader posed to me recently. 

I suggested Grey - an elegant and sophisticated color and one that I know will suit this particular lady.

However, I find that this has been going round in my mind.

We don't always want sophisticated, don't always need elegant - there are times when we want some 'fun' color in our lives and what better time than the 'wrap up warm' days of Winter.

Winter coats for Spring coloring #spring color family #winter coats #color analysis

Your SPRING color palette shows the perfect and best shades for you - that is equal amounts of WARM, LIGHT and BRIGHT. 

Those shades are quite specific but you have your foot in 3 different Color Families. So it's perfectly permissible to delve into these palettes a bit more. It's not necessary to be in a rut with colors.

In the color palette above, I've put the normal colors I would suggest for Spring neutrals and included a couple of new ideas.

Spring and Autumn are both Warm colors so I've borrowed two deeper shades from the Autumn color palette which will work quite satisfactorily as Winter coats for Spring coloring.

Don't forget Grey?

Grey is a neutral that we often forget...

There are many shades of grey but a Light Warm Grey with a yellow undertone is your best friend and will provide the perfect foil for the bright and fresh shades of your Spring color family

It's easy to see the difference between warm grey and cool grey when you see them together but more difficult if you were suddenly presented with a grey coat!

That's where your Spring color swatch comes into it's own. Use it as a 'blending tool' and ensure that all your colors will sit happily together on a particular shade of grey.

From the browny toned (warm) greys the two coats on the extreme right are much cooler - the grey is crisp and bright.

So enjoy the variety that a grey coat can give you but don't go too dark so as not to flatten your vibrant color palette.

A wider choice of Winter coats for Spring coloring

Winter coats for Spring coloring #spring color family #winter coats #color analysis

Although a light beige or camel are classics for Winter coats, it's nice to choose something richer for the drab months of the year. So here are a few alternatives!

The gorgeous ginger suede sheepskin on the left is something else! And the down coat in a soft champagne shade is an unusual color choice.

The Warm Grey cape (fur collar) has a hint of brown and the lighter coat is a cooler crisper grey altogether. 

The Bright Navy brings some much needed brightness but I've poached the Warm Teal and Tomato Red colors from the Autumn palette because really they are just deeper shades of your own colors. And they're cosy! 

or Burgundy?

Although burgundy is a beautiful shade to team with Cool Grey, it may not come to mind when looking at the Spring colors. But there is a wonderful affinity with the gingery brown above, especially with the very on-trend boots with block heel. 

Winter coats for Spring coloring #spring color family #winter coats #color analysis

Burgundy ...

is a color that pops up in both the Autumn and the Winter color palette and there is a connection with both.

Spring and Autumn are both WARM.

Spring and Winter are both BRIGHT.

There is no reason why you can't use colors from neighboring palettes because there is a very real link.

Although I think that Peach and Burgundy look fabulous together, separated by either the light or the warmer grey you can rest assured that they look great.

Think a color won't fit in with your color palette? Separate it from your best colors with a neutral and you can make the most unlikely shades work together.

Color is to be enjoyed!

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