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Linen Pants - my Summer heroes!

Linen trousers are my Summer heroes!

Let's face it, in general, I'm not a dress girl and my linen (or linen blend) pants are ready to be mixed and matched for every eventuality and they work in every climate!  

The beauty of a pair of linen trousers is the air of chic sophistication with the comfort and ease of a natural fabric. 

Although linen is an expensive commodity and creases easily, the new linen blends are easier to afford and wrinkling is reduced with a softer fabric.      

More than anything, the versatility of these pants is the winning factor! They will take you to the office or a night out, they travel well and come into their own again at the beach or poolside. 

Although I've shown several different styles and colors for variety, one pair of linen pants could be used throughout as your ultimate Summer hero! 

Linen pants 600

You choose the style...

Although you can certainly spend considerably more, I find that Marks and Spencer's provide a quality I'm happy with for my summer heroes. You'll find both linen and linen blends and none of the trousers I show were over £35.00! 

The basic neutral colors sit in my wardrobe from year to year. I like them wide and plenty long enough so I am a bit heavy on wearing out the hemlines - it means I have to replace early in the season if it's necessary. 

You may prefer your wide leg pants cropped at the ankles (even below the knee) or you may choose a tapered style. Whatever floats your boat, linen trousers will always retain a certain polish at the same time as looking expensively relaxed! 

1 Chilled out weekend

Linen pants casual

I'm late getting my favorite geraniums this year as the weather as been so wet but time to tackle the garden center.  

A white linen top and a light chambray jacket adds casual vibes for Saturday morning. This pair of wide leg linen pants in black has a draw-string waist which teams comfortably with sneakers just as well as a casual or smart sandal.

An easy-going outfit that's still smart enough to take me on to visit friends. 

2 Ladies that lunch

Linen pants girls day out

It doesn't matter how old your linen pants may be, a quick iron always brings them back to life! This is more of a bootleg style that's fitted on the thighs but the creases don't detract from the elegance of the pants.  

I don't always want to wear a sharp neutral and this old pair of trousers is in a soft shade of taupe making it the perfect foil for pretty summer lights/brights and various jackets.   

The tie waist was quite smart for a shopping trip and lunch but they wear just as easily with a casual t shirt as with the more classic blouse I show here.  

3 Office smart with pin stripes

Linen pants office

Ok I don't have to schlep off to the office these days but we all have times when we need to sharpen up for an appointment. 

Although this unusual linen fabric retains it's laid back style with a draw string waist, the pin stripe certainly adds a touch of formality with a nod to conventional tailoring. I like to wear this pair with an ivory jacket too, looks quite upmarket! 

3 Date night

Linen pants date night

Putting together some simple but well worn separates shows that black never ever dates and always looks chic and dressy! 

This pair of linen pants has a fitted waistband, zip front and tie belt and has been my part of my Summer heroes collection for some time. My favorite wide legs are very fashionable again this year and the tie belt allows a tuck-in top to look neat and it hides a tummy. Adding a black top makes it appear like a jumpsuit which is quite slick. 

Whether your taste in jewelry is neat and delicate or chunky and tribal you can show it off against a blank black canvas!   

4 Travel comfort

Linen pants travel

Unless it's the middle of Winter I always travel in dark draw-string linen pants with a dark blouse or t-shirt; they're comfortable and they are very much part of my holiday wear once I arrive. Whatever is spilt or soiled along the way does not detract from the fact that you are travelling with a touch of style!

Sometimes I take a lightweight jacket ready to be a little smarter at my destination, this time it's a cosy hoodie. Either/both make a great topper for both pants and dresses in the evening during your vacation. 

On one particular flight a glass of wine soaked my linen pants and although I asked the air stewardess for help it was not forthcoming! So I put the blanket provided over my bottom half, took off the pants and hung them over the back of the seat in front. Once dried I put them back on with no visible difference - haha, fortunately it was quite a long flight!  

5 Beach ready 

Linen pants beach

Linen pants continue as Summer heroes on vacation!  

Comfortable draw-string waists in both black and white make the perfect basics for a holiday capsule. They can be dressed up or down with colors and textures for day or evening and will take you from beach to nightclub!   

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