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Silver or Gold? What's your choice?

Silver or Gold? Most of us fall into one or other camp with Christmas sparkles. 

Last year's Christmas was severely curtailed for many of us and, even now, we may not be able to celebrate as we'd like to. But let's not forego the positive feelings we can promote at home with the tree and the trimmings. Even if you're pulling out the decorations of years past like me, we tend to fall into two different groups!

So what do you choose SILVER or GOLD?

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

Your natural instincts...

It's your natural coloring that influences your instinctive decisions when choosing colors and Christmas sparkles are no exception. If you know your Color Family you already know why you choose what you do!

Spring and Autumn have a Warm undertone to their skin and will always look their best in GOLD tones and other colors from the same palette.

Summer and Winter, with a Cool undertone to their skin will always look their best in SILVER tones and other colors that harmonize.

It's very likely that you use SILVER or GOLD for your Holiday decorations depending on your natural coloring. 

The new kid on the block ROSE GOLD!

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

Well - Christmas sparkle is usually based around silver or gold - but over the last few years we've had a new kid on the block - and it's become a standard very quickly.

ROSE GOLD, a delicate mix of pink, rose and ivory, has taken the market by storm and is appearing absolutely everywhere not just for decorations and jewelry, but the whole gamut of home decor.

It's soft, it's pretty and more especially it bridges the gap between Warm and Cool shades.

This appears to be following on from the beautiful BLUSH PINK which has been at the forefront of fashion for a couple of seasons and is, actually, one of the Universal Colors which means it suits just about everyone. 

What's the color of your Christmas tree?

Silver or Gold? Do you echo your Season?

Spring? Your colors are bright and vibrant

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

SPRING is a mix of the WARM, LIGHT and BRIGHT color families and your skin tone is Warm. 

With a fair but yellow undertone to your skin you'll invariably be drawn to the brightest or palest Gold and Ivory. 

You may choose a tree with yellowish toned greenery and introduce some of the vibrant fresh tones of Spring to add light - turquoise, aqua and bright orange red. 

Summer - your Christmas sparkle is gentle...

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

SUMMER is a mix of COOL, LIGHT and MUTED (Soft) and you have a Cool undertone to your skin. 

Your overall appearance is gentle and soft and your choice of colors is equally delicate.

With a Cool skin you will invariably be drawn to Silver as your choice of sparkle and tone it with a soft colorway. A tree with a blue green foliage perhaps and decorated with all the  colors of an English country garden.

Soft blues, dusky pinks and and sea greens sit very prettily on a Christmas tree dusted with 'snow'. 

Autumn - rich warm natural and earthy

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

AUTUMN is a mix of Warm, Deep and Muted (Soft) and always comes with a Warm undertone to the skin.

Your complexion is flattered by tones of Gold and you are instinctively drawn to the warm, richly blended and sumptuous colors of the Autumn color palette.

You will favor natural textures and seasonal dried arrangements to reflect these earthy tones. Your Christmas tree will be subtly highlighted and brought to life with the luxury tones of rich gold and pumpkin.

Winter - flamboyant and dramatic

Silver or Gold for Christmas? #silverorgold #christmassparkle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/silver-or-gold.html

WINTER is a mix of DEEP, COOL and BRIGHT with a Cool skin tone.

You will invariably choose Silver as your Christmas sparkle echoing your cool blue undertones and look for a touch of the dramatic.

You are likely to choose the strong bold tones of purple, magenta and hot turquoise re-creating the icy contrast and drama of the Winter color palette.

Or perhaps the deepest tones of true red and plum to offset the deep pine green.

Is your sparkle Warm or Cool?

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