GYPO Style Challenge - SUMMER 2019

Know the feeling? Open the wardrobe and pull out the same old things?

It's often difficult to remain objective about the way you look when you're caught up in the 'busy-ness' of life, work, family and the needs of others.

And very often the budget just isn't available so it's ultra-important to spend wisely. 

These capsules show you how to SHOP YOUR CLOSET before you even consider looking elsewhere! 

Then you'll learn how easy it is to mix and match so you really make the most of everything you buy. 

SUMMER Capsule Wardrobes from GYPO  #summerclassiccapsule #capsulewardrobe #gypostylechallenge

Summer Workwear/Classic Capsule 2019

Need some Summer inspiration? Then this is for you. A Capsule Wardrobe of Summer essentials; office appropriate or perfect for the classic woman who doesn't want to live in jeans! 

You'll receive a list of 27 piece list of  garments which you can use to shop your closet or shop the links provided.

A new outfit suggestion (a unique combination of the items included in your Capsule) every day for 20 days - that's 4 work weeks.

Not your colors? No worries it's easy to change to your own color direction.

With a printable list of all 20 outfits (to hang in your closet) you can easily get your outfit ready the night before. Getting dressed is the easiest thing you'll do all day!

GYPO Summer Capsule 2019

Build a beautiful Capsule Wardrobe of stylish Summer clothes and new looks.

A fun mix of the latest trends (eyelet stitching, snake skin prints, buttons galore) alongside the classic shorts and tees create 31 mix and match looks.

Learn how to create a pattern mix, try some new prints and check out the latest playful accessories. This season there are 16 closet staple pieces mixed together with some new trend items to create a fresh look for summer!

Too casual for your everyday lifestyle? then it makes a perfect vacation capsule.

Casual Capsule for Spring/Summer 2019

A cooler climate? then the Spring Capsule 2019 may take you right through the Summer. 

38 pieces (inc. accessories and shoes) mix and match to create 31 days of outfits + 3 bonus outfits. Full shopping list and all outfits are available for immediate download upon purchase.

Begin with what's in your closet and identify the add-in pieces you need to work for YOU and your lifestyle!

Bonuses: Spring 2018 Capsule Wardrobe, Three Ways to Wear It Closet Staples Edition, Color Palette Resource, and Daily Outfit Calendars.

A great buy at $39.00

SPRING Capsule Wardrobe from GYPO Style Challenge #springcapsule #capsulewardrobe #gypostylechallenge

What people are saying about the new SPRING CAPSULE...

"I've been doing these challenges for 5 years and in that time, I've always enjoyed myself and loved a lot of the outfits, but this capsule might be my favorite yet. I am loving all of the new and fresh things to try and the various options for different people's styles."

"I was a little scared of the capsule at first glance but was able to break each piece down to fit what I currently own and love. I love having the option to try new things or stay in my comfort zone with my pieces by putting them together in a fresh way."

"I love the fact that this challenge incorporates so many options making it easy to see how a new trend can be tried, or a tried and true classic can be used instead. I love reading how everyone breaks it down to make it manageable and fun!! Awesome job once again!!"

2 Capsule Wardrobes that works for every Season

Closet Staples Builder

Join stylist Alison Lumbatis and build a casual CAPSULE WARDROBE for every season of the year!

This is the ultimate capsule wardrobe builder covering all 4 seasons. When you sign up you get a closet staples shopping list + 64 days of mix and match outfit ideas created from pieces on the list. You’ll never walk into your closet and wonder what to wear again.

4 Season Capsule $39.00

GYPO Style Challenge - create the perfect capsule wardrobe - #capsulewardrobe #gypostylechallenge

Stay-at-home-Mom Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder

The ultimate guide to a functional, fashionable wardrobe that works for all your daily activities; running errands, days at home, even lunch with girlfriends or casual date nights. 

It features a 20 piece capsule from your favorite stores and you can spend as much or as little as you like. Most people shop their closet first.

You'll get 20 days of outfits and a handy printable of all outfits to hang in your closet for daily inspiration. You'll never again wonder what to wear.

Just $29.00

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