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Forget New Year Resolutions Celebrate the Old!

Now it may seem strange to encourage you to forget New Year Resolutions but, come on, whoever came up with that idea was a bit of a masochist and certainly teetotal.

New Year Resolutions #newyear #resolutions   

Setting new goals for yourself and deciding to establish a new routine and regime is the most positive thing you can do BUT, choose to do it at the beginning of any other month, any other week or even at the start of any other day.

Just avoid 1st January like the plague because the pressure is immense and you're setting yourself up for failure and a huge knock to your confidence.

And while you may be celebrating let's not forget that many people find themselves alone when the world is in full party mode. 

Let's celebrate the OLD!

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead but, first of all, I encourage you to LOOK BACK!

The trials and tribulations of the past year will have affected us all to some degree.

Sometimes we struggle and sometimes we fail but, frequently, we manage to cope with what life throws at us.

This is a time to celebrate with pride how you coped with the ups and downs you've inevitably had to face.

So let's celebrate the OLD!  What have you achieved?

Life is rarely perfect but you've come through with a few tears of sadness and happiness along the way. You have far more resilience than you give yourself credit for. 

So think about...

  • your strength to cope with problems
  • your ability to find solutions
  • the heartaches you've survived
  • the principles you've upheld

and appreciate...

  • the talents you've discovered
  • the new skills you've developed
  • the new friendships you've forged
  • the opportunities you've taken
  • the habits you've adopted

Whatever you've achieved or overcome this year deserves RECOGNITION so appreciate and value yourself for the storms you've weathered.  

A year in most of our lives will embrace both joy and sadness. But even if you've faced difficulties there are many moments you should recognize as achievements. We celebrate the good and most of the time, we stoically manage to cope with the bad.

Sometimes you don't know even know where the strength comes from.

New Year Resolutions #newyear #resolutions   

So forget New Year Resolutions...

My problems and your problems, all inconsequential things to the world in general, make us who we are so reassure yourself that you've done your best.   

So forget unrealistic New Year Resolutions, enjoy the festivities or your own space without pressure. Celebrate the OLD and endeavor to face every day of the NEW YEAR with optimism and positive thoughts wherever possible.

Just forget a new regime until you have the energy, the stamina and the peace in your heart to make it happen.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson,
American Essayist, Lecturer & Poet

Today is for you ... make it fun!

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