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Your Style #158 June 2024

Hi there

Can't believe we're nearly halfway through the year, the older I get the quicker it goes! I came across an article recently called 'A Mid year reset' and it was quite inspirational. Take some time during June to take a cool look at the first half of the year, assess what's happened and see if your focus needs to change. Do you need to prioritize differently going forward? And don't forget to factor in some fun! 

It's Father's Day next week and I've put on a special offer (below) so you can afford to treat your husband/father/other half - do they do themselves (and you) justice? Actually a succinct plan for shopping really will save them TIME and MONEY!  

Although Summer really doesn't know whether it's come to the UK or not!!!! I hope you enjoy the best of times during June with family and friends.  Pamela X

Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/

Linen Pants - my Summer HEROES! 

Linen trousers are my Summer heroes!

Let's face it, in general, I'm not a dress girl and my linen (or linen blend) pants are ready to be mixed and matched for every eventuality and they work in every climate!  

The beauty of a pair of linen trousers is the air of chic sophistication with the comfort and ease of a natural fabric. More than anything, the versatility of these pants is the winning factor! 

Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/

Winter colors in Summer... SUNsational!

Do you wonder how to wear Winter colors in Summer to complement your strong natural coloring? 

Well don't worry, because if this is your color palette it's certainly not just for the icy depths of Winter. These brilliant bolds are perfect for the searing heat of high Summer too!

The dramatic tones of Winter are just SUNsational! 

Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/

Online Color Analysis - the SPRING season!

Gaining feedback from Online Color Analysis is even more rewarding once you've had the time to experiment and appreciate your new color palette!

Many of us come unstuck once hair begins to show signs of graying and Susanna had added an ash tone to her hair making the transition easier. In the process it was fighting the natural golden tones in both her skin and hair which she hadn't recognized. 

The clever Color Analysis images soon showed that Susanna's golden skin and eyes responded brilliantly to the brighter tones of Spring! A few months down the road, she is now loving several of the colors she previously avoided!  

Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/
Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/

"It took me a while to believe that I'm a Spring but now I can't believe I didn't see it before! I am loving my new colors. I've been getting things at thrift stores as a way to experiment with the colors and get them right. I think I'm getting closer! 

Funnily, yellow is now one of my favorite colors. In the right shade, of course, I think it looks amazing on me. And green is another color that I've fallen in love with. I never had green in my closet before and now I have a ton of it!!!

Same goes with red :) Still working on getting the right pinks and purples. I think the issue with these is more that Spring pinks and purples (in styles I like) are harder to come by. 

I've been experimenting with hair color too which has also been fun! Oh... and I wear earrings now! Gold looks so much better on me so earrings feel more natural. Before they just seemed to command so much attention and felt weird.  

In general getting dressed is more fun because I feel more attractive. Anyways... I've been very happy with my experience with you. I feel so lucky that you're the one I went with given all the options out there. You really saw me. You saw through my wrong color choices to see what I really am! You have a great eye!

It was the perfect "OMG I'm 50 gift" for myself. :) Susanna, USA

Color Analysis for your Man on Father's Day!

You've perhaps tried the Free Color Analysis for Men, it's a great tool but, inevitably, it has to be quite generic.

Make life easier for your man with a succinct 'how to do it' formula to look his best!

Now you can treat your husband, father, other half on Father's Day to a Personal Color Analysis with £10 off! The succinct 'how to do it' formula will help him save TIME and MONEY. 

Whichever way you choose there's £5 off a Mens Color Swatch until the 16th June too! 

Your Style 158 #yourstyle158 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/

with love Pamela x

Summer out and about!

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