Your Style Magazine #110
January 2022

Happy New Year to you all! 

I've really switched off from technology with a holiday and Christmas losing myself in sunshine, books, television and family! We feel very privileged to have managed a holiday after two years as, once home, travel became difficult again. I'll show you some photos from beautiful Mauritius next time. 

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions as such, too easy to break, but I've tried to put my best step forward with this month's articles. I really hope you enjoy the History of Royal Fashion which continues over the next few months.  

Forget New Year Resolutions

Now it may seem strange to encourage you to forget about resolutions. But New Year is bitter-sweet for many and not the best time to set yourself unrealistic targets! 

First of all must come the recognition you've earned over the past year. So value and appreciate yourself for the storms you've weathered and celebrate your achievements! 

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

What are YOUR Wardrobe Essentials

Let's start the year with the basics!

You will frequently see a suggested list of the wardrobe essentials every woman should have.  

But is a white shirt, a little black dress and a camel coat something you can't live without? Are they the right things for YOU?  

If not, I'll show you how to interpret the essentials to fit your own lifestyle!

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

Hygge Style

Hygge Style! Or let's pronounce it correctly 'hoo-ga' to rhyme with cougar!

Although hygge style is part of Danish culture year round it's Winter when the Brits, in particular, are well on the way to capturing the same cosyness and warmth in our own homes and our hearts!

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

History of Royal Fashion - the Tudors

I've been delving into the History of Royal Fashion. History + royalty makes for a romantic duo! I hope you enjoy it.

Starting with the Tudors, probably the most well-known monarchs in English history, over the next few issues I shall be exploring how British royalty have influenced fashion over the last 500 years.

We shall come right up to date with Queen Elizabeth II and the elegant Duchess of Cambridge.

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

Look good in Winter!

When the Holidays are over, for many, the coldest days are still to come. So how do we keep warm and still manage to look good in the Winter?

Whether for work, errands or just playing with the kids the temperatures will drop so take a few minutes to look over your cold-weather wardrobe and see if you're fully prepared.

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

How to wear Winter colors

Ok so you’re a Winter – but how do you actually begin to wear Winter colors?When you first look at the color palette you'll see a host of dramatic colors and, at first glance, it can all look a bit vivid. 

So how do you begin to dress in your colors and get to look fabulous? As many of you know, this is when panic sets in!

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

The Winter man

Well your Winter man may not be Tom Cruise but if he has (or had) dark hair check it out to see if the rest of his natural coloring fits.

If you can identify his coloring, life becomes so much easier for him when shopping and looking his best. 

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

A filling breakfast to get back on track!

After a vacation and then Christmas I've gained about 5 lbs. I really can't throw food away so the Christmas excess has had to be eaten!

Now I'm ready to return to sensible eating and ditch the between-meal nibbling a filling breakfast is a must.

Mushroom bruschetta or simply mushrooms on toast is an easy low fat and tasty option to kick it off!

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

Your Color Analysis pics - Warm

If you are LIGHT, WARM and BRIGHT you will probably be Spring. If you're DEEP, WARM and SOFT you will probably be Autumn. 

But what happens if you don't have the requisite 3 color characteristics togethe? I've been asked this question recently and, although I analyzed Sarah some time ago, it seemed very apt to show you her images. 

With golden brown hair and soft brown eyes, she could almost be mistaken for Autumn. But although her skin is warm it's very light and extremely delicate, certainly not strong enough to take the soft deep tones of Autumn.

To many people having a Warmskin has to mean either Spring or Autumn, but that's not actually the case. Both these palettes have an element of WARM, but neither is quite right for Sarah and both would severely restrict her palette. 

The Spring colors would take her into sharp citrus tones which are too harsh while Autumn colors overall are too dark and heavy. 

The medium intensity of the WARM color palette gives pure mellow warmth but with intense brightness excluding the the harshness of Spring and the heavyweight shades of Autumn. We are left with true warmth and clarity of the WARM color palette. 

We are all different and many people don't conform to the Seasons but there are 6 beautiful Tonal color families there ready to catch you.

The photos below show how Sarah's delicate coloring shines with the clarity of the Warm colors and bring her to life. Read what she has to say about her former confusion and the result of her color analysis.  Color Analysis testimonials.. 

Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine
Your Style digital magazine #110 January 2022 #newyear #stylemagazine

Keep warm

with love Pamela x

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